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    Chessboard project

    I am making a chess board and have some design concerns involving glue-up. The board will be made of 2 or 2.5 inch squares. It will have a thin beaded on top frame and then a wider frame about 2 inches on all 4 sides. Question is concerned about glueing the squares. No matter how you look at...
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    Finishing wood with bright blue or green, special need

    I have a request to make some wood trophy mounts in green and blue. We are trying to convince the end-customer to go with a natural wood and just use a name plate of the desired color. In the event that doesn't work, I am trying to find a way to finish the final product in these colors. It...
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    Cutting larger holes with a hole saw

    I need some advice on using hole saw to cut 3 and 4 inch holes in 3/4" hardwood. Can I effectively use a whole saw that size with a hand held 3/8 ths drill. I read that you need to keep the rpms down a bit and try not to force your way through the wood. I don't want to spend $50 or more for...
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    How to cut a "perfect" small square opening in center odf a smallish panel

    OK, all you jig makers and setup guys. i need to cut a square opening in the center of a flat panel. The front plate is about 8 by 12 inches. I need to cut a square hole in the center that is about 4 x 4. I need to have a reproducible method of doing this so I can cut several. Inside...
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    Finishing very old hard pine still laden with turpentine

    I am working on a project for a friend, building a rotating bookcase to go next to a chair using some very old pine from an old family building. THese were beefy 4/4 boards or thicker reduced to 3/4". When planed, this wood gives off a very strong pine scent and much of it even feels slightly...
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    Bandsaw makes loud screehing sound when cutting

    I have a Jet 14 inch bandsaw ha thas performed well fro several years with moderate use. I use it much more during the last two years. All of a sudden it has started making a loud screeching sound ONLY when cutting wood. When I first put the wod to the blade it sonds noramll but for only a...
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    Refinishing old poplar hutch must stain - please help

    I am refinishing an old kitchen hutch top that was originally made from mostly poplar with hard pine shelves and a few minor pieces of trim from oak. I need to lighten the old wood and even it out some. I plan on using oxalic acid for that. Any tips you can provide for that is also welcome...
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    Discussion on dado blades

    It's probably already out here somewhere, but I am asking about good choice for 10 inch dado blade stacks that give a flat bottom, cut smoothly, and are pretty easy to get accurate dado widths. I don't want to go broke buying these, but I do know I will need to pay bait. As cost conscious...
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    DW735 Balde reviews and sources

    Looking for a good source for replacement blades for my DW 735. Currently using some aftermarket blades purchased for about $60.00. They seem to do pretty good but maybe not as good as the originals. Does anybody resharpen DW 735 blades? Saw some carbide tipped blades online but pricey...
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    Refinishing old red brown firniture and new wood

    I'm sorry for the sort of confusing title for my questiosns, but my need is a little unusual (at least for me). I have two pieces of old furniture (a blanket chest and a hutch - top half only). I have cleaned up the hutch top and removed old paint, shellac, and what ever. The red color is...
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    Advice on dust separator for shop vac

    I have a shop va that Iuse for dust collection and (of course) I have to frequently clean the badly clogged filter. I have been looking at a couple of dust sepatrators that fit betwee nthe power tool and the vacuum to collect dust. Rockler has one that I often see in ads. I am about...
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    Looking for a floor mount drill press in good condition

    I am lookinf for a full size drill press for my shop. A good used one will sufice. I don't need it often, but when I need it - I need it! I have a bench model that is just not suitable or powerful enough for larger forstner bits. I also need to have the ability to drill the ends of legs and...
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    Looking for plans or pictures of Shaker shawl chairs with hard seat

    I am looking for special type. NOt the ladder back style. The one I am seeking has spinal es though the seat and a curved back attached to the spindles
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    Fixing Loose fitting tenons - when to glue or when to add more wood

    Hello Everyone,Guys, I have a problem with some loose tennons. If the tennons are almost OK, that is, if they are too loose so that they slide out but don’t have much play or wiggle can they be glued or is there a glue that will help fill the small gap and make a good joint? OR… do I have to...
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    Using a Porter-Cable 4212 Jig with different routers

    I have a PC 4212 dovetail - fingerjoint jig. It comes with bushings for a PC router. Anybody use one with a different router. What do you do about bushings. The instructions say you must use a base that holds the P-C bushings. I have a Bosch 1617EVS and a larger Craftsman pro router. Can...
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    Need a source

    I am looking for sources for pine and/or cypress for a good price. I need boards that are 4/4 by 7 - 8 inches wide. Wood should be clear or nearly so. That's pretty reasonable for cypress but not so easy for pine. I live near in Virginia near the NC border North of Henderson and Roxboro. I...
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    Finishing Poplar

    I have been making children's rockers using poplar for sometime. Most people want them unfinished or painted, usually forrest green or red. recently I had a request to stain one and poly it. I was timid at first but agreed to do it for my customer. I used Minwax Red Mahogany to get the dark...
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    Another New Guy - Old "Wooder"

    Hello All, I have recently joined after being introduced to the site by "Glennbear". I retired for North carolina a few years ago and have moved to a log home my wife and I built in Virgina just over the stateline from NC where I still do shopping and visit often. I built a wood shop here...

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