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  1. JohnW

    Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

    Anyone know of a source near Charlotte for Jatoba? West Penn, Steve Wall and Hardwood Store typically have it but I only need a few small pieces to make transitional thresholds between tile and wood floors and don't want to drive that far for a few BF.
  2. JohnW

    Help-Interior door replacement

    Replacing 18 interior doors with new slabs. Spacing on all existing jamb hinge mortices are not consistent so looking for info/advice on an adjustable mortice jig that I could hold up next to existing jamb and adjust for each mortice position. Anyone have experience with something like this...
  3. JohnW

    Opinion Request on planner

    Anyone have good/bad experience with DeWalt DW735 planner? And anyone put a helical cutter head on the DW735? I've seen good reports on here for years but am wondering if it's the same quality since DeWalt is now Stanley Black & Decker owned. Grizzly has the DW735 with helical cutter head kit...
  4. JohnW

    Painting many Interior doors - Advice

    We are replacing all 22 of our interior doors with 6 panel doors. I plan on buying doors that are primed and ready for paint. Wife wants black doors. I believe spray painting would yield the best results as opposed to brush. Spraying will be faster and, if done correctly, look better. I only...
  5. JohnW

    Burl Butt

    Not mine. Just putting it out there in case you have not seen burl butt before.
  6. JohnW

    Help and advice on fixing fence

    While tuning up my G1023 Grizzly table saw, I found the UHMW face on the Shop Fox fence to be wavy and way out of square. It's +10 years old and kinda beat up so I WAS considering replacing the face. But once removed, I checked square of the tubular steel frame and found it to be way off. From...
  7. JohnW

    Table saw issue with blade stabilizer

    While checking and tuning my table saw, G1023, I measured excessive difference in the flatness of ALL my blades. Freud glue line, Freud crosscut and Forrest WW II. While rotating each blade I measured a difference of 0.009" on every blade. Way too much of a coincidence. Had already checked...
  8. JohnW

    Resaw Blade Review

    I bought a Laguna 14" SUV bandsaw about 6 years ago and got their carbide tipped Resaw King 1" blade. (Remember their promo video of paper thin slices that just floated through the air?) I wanted that kind of performance when re-sawing expensive exotics for musical instruments. I never quite...
  9. JohnW

    Inset Drawer Question

    Most info I read recommends 1/8" clearance on all sides. Does anyone have experience with a tighter tolerance? I'm making some inset drawers and would like a max of 3/32", prefer 1/16", for the sides. Slides will be Blum full extension 100 Lbs rated side mounted. Fronts will be 3/4" solid...
  10. JohnW

    Glass panels

    Anyone have a recommended source for glass in Charlotte area? I'm building upper cabs with glass panels.
  11. JohnW

    Cutting Aluminum Question

    Need to cut some 1-1/4" holes 1/8" thick box store aluminum flat stock. I have forstner bits and spade bits. Anyone know if this will damage the bits or have suggestions of which one to use. Only need to drill four holes.
  12. JohnW

    Cajon Humor

    Have a friend that is an exceptional drummer and has helped me out around the house many times so I decided to make him a cajon. I've never made one before but they looked easy so why not, and once I had the design worked out, it was just as easy to cut the material for two instead of one. So...
  13. JohnW

    Herd of Deer

    Just made these using a 1950's band saw and the newly refurbished 1950's scroll saw I posted last week. Scroll saw did an excellent job on the tight inner circles. Most are cherry. 2nd from left is maple. 2nd from right is walnut and far right is redwood. All got a slathering of BLO and set...
  14. JohnW

    OWWM Scroll Saw Question

    Acquired a 1950 ish Walker Turner 24" scroll saw about 10 years ago and it has been taking up room ever since. With the exception of a pulley cover, all parts appear to be present and in good working condition. I have never used a scroll saw and would not know the difference between this old...
  15. JohnW

    Question for knife makers

    I'd like to make several kitchen knife sets for Christmas presents. Just made a fillet knife using Lacewood scales for the handles and the LOML really likes the look. I'm considering a set for home and one for daughter. Where do you guys buy knife blanks? I don't want to cut, bevel and...
  16. JohnW

    What WOOD do you tyhink this is

    Daughter bought approx 70 year old house in Raleigh Five Points area. Found an old front door in the garage and started to strip it to see if she wanted to put it back on the house. After sanding she said it had a distinctive pine forest smell. She likes natural wood look "which makes me blush...
  17. JohnW

    Looking for hickory

    Looking for some hickory. Daughter has asked me to make a dinning table with a hickory top. Her design is unique and I'm looking forward to the build. I'll be checking Steve Wall and The Hardwood Store, but wanted to see if anyone knows of a source closer to Charlotte.
  18. JohnW

    Elec Motor Brake Help

    I have a Dewalt RAS GW model, mid 1950's with the original motor. It's a great saw in excellent condition and works very well. But when switched off the blade spins for 3 1/2 minuets which I see as a safety issue. I'm not even sure if this saw had any kind of a mechanical or electrical brake...
  19. JohnW

    Help with cab door hinges

    I built a solid cherry kitchen several years ago and used Blum compact concealed soft close hinges which worked out very well. My son and I are now building new doors for his kitchen. Not new boxes, just simple flat panel doors with poplar frame and plywood panels. All will be painted. His...
  20. JohnW

    What wood to use for painted cabinets

    My son just bought a new house (fixer-upper) and I will be making him a pantry cabinet to match his existing cabs which are face frame with simple frame and panel doors. They are painted and I've only done cherry cabs. Also will be making some case and trim pieces to match, which again, are...

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