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  1. Canuck

    I’ve heard of this guy ...

    Yup!! Joe helped me build one 13 years ago. Works like a champ and its my goto jig whenever I'm ripping stock to edge band plywood.
  2. Canuck

    Happy Birthday FredP

    Happy Birthday, Fred!
  3. Canuck

    SOLD DCT Cyclone Wood Saw Dust Collection Garbage Trash Can Lid

    I have one as well that ended up never using. You are welcome to it. Wayne (I sent you a Pm but realizing your User status at our site, you may have not received it.)
  4. Canuck

    Happy Birthday Bas

    Happy Birthday, Bas!
  5. Canuck

    Getting Rid of Sharp Corners

    If you just want to " break" the sharp edge, I have found the Fast cap dual edge sander works very well with a couple of light passes with a fine grit sandpaper...
  6. Canuck


    Sorry bout that, Hank. My editor went berserk when I tried to add text to my 1st post,..... We are in the process of drawing up a plan for a media console for our own home. LOML cannot find a commercial option that will #1 fit the style she is looking for, #2 anything beyond veneer over...
  7. Canuck


    Two weeks ago I completed a small cabinet for a son in laws grandmother who was having trouble finding a cabinet that would suite/fit into a specific location in her home. I used 4/4 poplar and 1/4” and 3/4” plywood with dowel joinery. Next up is a
  8. Canuck

    Router bit slot cutters - can the 'blades' be stacked? (Update)

    I purchased this inexpensive set is slot cutters a couple of years back and it has served me well. I too have found that today's 1/4" ply has shrunk to be more like 3/16" thick. This is the set of slot cutters I have been using when routing rails and stiles for panel doors...
  9. Canuck

    Shiplap in the shop

    Will you be applying a finish?
  10. Canuck

    Cuts, gouges and Scrapes, Oh My

    Yup! I don’t need a branding iron; I leave spots of DNA on almost every project!
  11. Canuck

    Contemporary Headboard

    Super work!!!!
  12. Canuck

    Happy Birthday Douglas Robinson

    Happy Birthday Doug!
  13. Canuck

    Bosch 12 inch Miter Saw

    Yes. Got the Makita stand as well. (I purchased mine from Acme Tool and the stand was part of a Makita promo- same price.)
  14. Canuck

    Bosch 12 inch Miter Saw

    I recently purchased a Makita 10" slider (model LS1019L) with soft start. Is performing very well for me! Wayne
  15. Canuck

    Finally Finished our Kitchen table

    Very well done! The finish looks great. Wayne
  16. Canuck

    Preferred miter slot router bit?

    Have you tried Toilet Flange bolts with your slot cutter? Is use these with Rockler to track..... (If the flange is a little too wide rot the to track I am using, I just come or grind a wee bit of of the...
  17. Canuck

    Making a Fence for Delta 14 Bandsaw

    I have using Kreg bandsaw fence for a number of years on my Delta 14" bandsaw and it has served me well. Fits well and easy to install. Wayne
  18. Canuck

    Preferred miter slot router bit?

    Purchased this one from Leigh Valley a few years back and it has performed pretty well. After hogging out the majority of material with a straight bit or dado stack, there isn't much...
  19. Canuck

    Happy Birthday Alan in Little Washington

    All the Best on your special day, Alan!

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