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  1. woodnick

    what is a piece of wood that fixes a crack called?

    This table has 20 on the top and 30 on the bottom
  2. woodnick


    I live in Tarboro which is in the eastern part of the state. I'm 69 years old, retired, and like to build furniture check my gallery
  3. woodnick

    Suggestions for protecting tools in a garage shop

    One of the products on this page will do the trick. Most Popular Products
  4. woodnick

    Red Tips

    That's the information that I'm looking for. Gary I think the Red Tip and Bradford Pear are in the same family (Rosaceae). I'm planing on doing some Inlay work and after playing with a branch I agree with John that there's not much of a grain, but wasn't sure about the main trunk. I think I'll...
  5. woodnick

    Red Tips

    The question is what color the wood will be, not what to do with it.
  6. woodnick

    Red Tips

    I'm about to cut down some large Red Tips. Has anyone cut and dried any Red Tip wood? I'd like to know what color it will be when dried. Light like Boxwood or dark like Red Oak. I,m sure it won't be like Walnut.
  7. woodnick

    Convert to 220?

    One thing I didn't see dicussed is wire size. To do a side by side test the wire will have to adjusted to the distant vs Amp draw vs size
  8. woodnick

    Dovetail Chisels

    I was hoping someone would have a set. I to like to touchee feelee before buying something of that caliper. Chuck, you can come by anytime just call to make sure I'm home:icon_thum
  9. woodnick

    Dovetail Chisels

    I'm sorry Fred but I would'nt be able to take you up on your offer. I'm beginning to see that Chisel's are like Router's :icon_thum " you can't have too many " :icon_thum
  10. woodnick

    Dovetail Chisels

    Does anyone have a set of "Blue Spruce" dovetail chisels ? I would like you comments please.
  11. woodnick

    It'se Bit'se Plane

    This is a Stanley 101. Might look like a toy, but it's a nice plane to carry in your pocket View image in gallery
  12. Stanley 101

    Stanley 101

    It'se Bit'se Plane
  13. woodnick


    It's a cousin to Poplar and works just like Poplar
  14. woodnick

    Blasting Soda

    I have a few Hand Planes I need to clean up. Does anyone have experience using the soda media from Harbor Freight? Or should I stay with Aluminium Oxide.
  15. woodnick

    What Is It

    Should be worth between $50 to $150
  16. woodnick

    What Is It

    IT's a steady rest for a metal lathe. Measure from the base to the center of the three rests times two and it will tell you what size lathe it fits.
  17. woodnick

    SawStop or Not?

    I like the 6" rule! Your hands should not be within 6" of a cutting blade, personally I try to keep 12" away
  18. woodnick

    Where can I find sanding sleeves?

    Try these people
  19. woodnick

    Delta Oscillating Spindle Sander

    Thanks Ken. But I want to fit the base in a recess so I need the actual dimensions

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