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  1. woodnick


    I live in Tarboro which is in the eastern part of the state. I'm 69 years old, retired, and like to build furniture check my gallery
  2. woodnick

    Red Tips

    I'm about to cut down some large Red Tips. Has anyone cut and dried any Red Tip wood? I'd like to know what color it will be when dried. Light like Boxwood or dark like Red Oak. I,m sure it won't be like Walnut.
  3. woodnick

    Dovetail Chisels

    Does anyone have a set of "Blue Spruce" dovetail chisels ? I would like you comments please.
  4. woodnick

    It'se Bit'se Plane

    This is a Stanley 101. Might look like a toy, but it's a nice plane to carry in your pocket View image in gallery
  5. woodnick

    Blasting Soda

    I have a few Hand Planes I need to clean up. Does anyone have experience using the soda media from Harbor Freight? Or should I stay with Aluminium Oxide.
  6. woodnick

    Delta Oscillating Spindle Sander

    I have a Delta SA350 Osc. Spindle Sander on order and it didn't show up yesterday and I would like to build a stand this weekend. Would someone who has one PLEASE measure the width and depth of the base and the center to center of the mounting holes. Thanks Nick
  7. woodnick

    Bandsaw Dust Collection (My Rendition)

    This is the hose set up View image in gallery This is after use, not perfect but there is no dust at the bottom for the wheel to pickup which is the most important View image in gallery
  8. woodnick

    Band Saw secondary dust collection

    I would like to see some pictures of a secondary dust collection port at the bottom of your Band Saw. And also how well it works. Thanks Nick
  9. woodnick

    Christmas Gifts '09 (I'm done)

    I'm ahead of schedule!:icon_cheers My Family & Friends are getting potpourri pots this year View image in gallery
  10. woodnick

    Canoe Builders

    I'm thinking of building this Model T Speedster. Are there any canoe building books that you would recommend that would help with project? Thanks Nick View image in gallery
  11. woodnick

    Some new Innovations

    Vote for for the best
  12. woodnick

    REVIEW of a Stanley Scraper Plane

    Having decided to build each Grandchild a Blanket/Hope chest. I spent months going to all the local Borg's , and seperating out the best SYP I could find, I built this protoype. The final chests well be built from Long Leaf Pine that I logged locally. View image in gallery After scraping...
  13. woodnick

    Tool Trip

    Has anyone bought anything from Stan Faullin at "Tool Trip" ? I'm having trouble get to his e-mail address. Thanks
  14. woodnick

    Japanning a old Stanley plane

    What is the best Modern substitute for "Japanning" a Stanley plane?
  15. woodnick

    Sandply Wood

    Does anyone know what species of wood is used for the surface plys on "Sandply" plywood? I have some small pieces of wood that looks like the same species as Sandply. It turned and polished very nice and I would like to get some larger pieces!
  16. woodnick

    Vacuum Chuck

    What is the best material to use on a face plate when using it as a vacuum chuck Thanks Nick
  17. woodnick

    Ryobi AP10 Planer

    Does anyone know if you can still get parts for the Ryobi AP10 planer?
  18. woodnick

    Big Brown Truck just stopped

    This is to help with the "Winter Blues"
  19. woodnick

    PSI Cyclone's

    Does anyone have a Pennstate Ind. cyclone and are you happy with it or unhappy? And does anyone have a Grizzly Cyclone same question. I have to choose between a Grizzly GO601 and a PSI 1550sx.
  20. woodnick

    Cyclone Dust Collectors

    I need to install Cyclone dust collector ASAP, preferable tomorrow. I need 2,000 to 3,000 CFM. What should I get and were can I get it???

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