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  1. bs7584

    For Sale Listings - Check out the Facebook page

    Attached is a screenshot of the FB group.
  2. bs7584

    Intro from Fayetteville

    I’m Brad and I’ve been browsing for a while but have been slow to engage. Been here in NC since 2014. Stationed at Ft Bragg. Have a garage shop which is not temperature controlled. I enjoy doing projects around the house, always have a shop project (currently working on dust collection) and...
  3. bs7584

    Intro from Garner

  4. bs7584

    SOLD. Heavy duty 4-way cabinet/ frame clamp. Reposting with a $175 price drop.

    Wish I had a bigger shop - this just looks rugged and cool!
  5. bs7584

    Latest Project

    Very nice - did you make or purchase the handles?
  6. bs7584

    Shoulder Plane

    I don't know why but I've always been intimidated to work with metal. Beautiful!
  7. bs7584

    Stationed at Fort Bragg, Lathe Access?

    When the Falcon Children's Woodshop is open, I'm sure John would love to have you up to demonstrate turning to the kids. He's up there in the afternoon several days a week and also gets up there on the weekends from time to time. I have a mini lathe with all the accoutrements in my garage shop...

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