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  1. kota62

    LCD TV Entertainment Center

    Due to a new job I seem to be on the road more than I'm home, upside; I earned enough for a new LCD TV, downside; My tools miss me :cry_smile We had a rear projction TV for a number of years and I had built a 3 piece unit to house the TV and stereo items, of course the new LCD TV wouldn't work...
  2. kota62

    Small Computer Desk

    LOML wanted a new Computer Desk, so we came up with this design The top is 36" X 20" Breadboarded solid Cherry Sanded to 220 grit, then Watco Danish Oil Cherry, several coats of waterbased poly, wet sanded to 600 grit, waxed and buffed Ralph came up with the idea of the lifting top...
  3. kota62

    Delta UniFence under $100.00

    Went to Lowes today looking for sandpaper, I had read on another forum about Lowes carrying the Uni Fence for a very low price (about 70 bucks). So while I was there I asked the guy in tools if they had any, he checked the inventory and there were none on the list... I said thanks and started...
  4. kota62

    Shot glass holder

    Another going away gift that Ralph and I have made this year... Designed to mimic the A-10 Warthog 30mm Gun System Muzzle Clamp Expended brass are cut down and polished, they would hold shot glasses, the interior of each round will also receive felt/flocking The top is set onto a lazy susan Made...
  5. kota62

    Using Poplar outdoors

    LOML wants to spruce up the front porch, I happen to have a fair amount of popular available... What I'm trying to figure out is if pop is a good wood to use outdoors... Will it need special attention/painting to extend it's life ect Thanks for any and all advice Gary Currently stuck in N.J. and...
  6. kota62

    Shock Wave

    After building so many going away plaques of one style, you tend to get tired of seeing it, so Ralph & I pulled this rabbit out of the hat We thought it would look cool to mimick the shock waves you see in the slow motion pics of fired bullets. While I'm at it, I finally got a pic...
  7. kota62

    Computer Table

    My good friend Ralph & I have been woodworking together for about 8 years now, well it finally happened, He's getting stationed elsewhere (He's still in the AF, I retired at the beginning of the year) Long story short, we made this comp table for him, unfortunately it'll probably be the last...
  8. kota62

    1st real commisioned piece

    A good friend down the street asked for a TV stand to better match her older furniture, she gave me basic requirements but let me run with it... Solid cherry stained with red mahogany, then 2 coats of watco cherry danish oil. several coats of sprayed poly wet sanded to 600 grit, then several...
  9. kota62

    Watco Danish Oil

    Need some help please... I have had great results using Watco Danish Oil (Walnut, Black Walnut & Cherry), but i'm having a hard time finding it at the near same price that i used to get it from the PX on Ft. Bragg. I've found it for about 22 bucks per gallon on line + 11 bucks shipping for...
  10. kota62

    Busy Summer

    Between getting ready to retire from the AF, visiting Mom in Pa. for several weeks and making lots of retirement gifts for others I been quite busy, no excuse for not posting lately, but you know how it is, you don't call a friend this week, then next week you feel too guilty to call and before...
  11. kota62

    Delta Unifence 30"

    Too hot to woodwork… :cry: Thought I’d do a review of my Delta 30” Uni Fence ($215 delivered from Amazon in March 06) instead. :-) Aluminum construction, solid, nicely machined. The install was straight forward for me (25 years as an AF mechanic) First off, I like the idea of sliding the fence...
  12. kota62

    Amazon madness

    Amazon has been having some crazy sales lately, 50" besseys for 22 bucks... just found this planer as well DEWALT DW734 Heavy Duty 12-1/2" Thickness Planer with 3-Knife Cutter Head- DeWalt $265.30 I've had this planer for over a year and am very pleased with it, hope someone else can use...
  13. kota62

    No. 75 Bullnose Plane by KUNZ

    Been cleaning up lots of tennons lately when I came up with the bright idea that I may be able to get myself a new tool 8-) I surfed for a while and came across this little guy, anyone know if this is a good company and tool.... I really can't justify the over $75.00 that i've seen for other...
  14. kota62

    Vise deal - Amazon

    Found this on BT3, they have a very useful forum on WW deals out there, thought this might be of interest to a few of the good folks here Gary
  15. kota62

    Fayetteville area Sawmill...

    Saw the local guys talking about sawmills down this way in another thread so I knew I needed to hook a brother up :-D I got lucky and found the card today so I hooked Ron (Yellowfins) up as well.... I learned of Eric when i needed my Sassafras milled prior to my Afghan vacation this past...
  16. kota62

    Jointing Boards

    Learned this long ago, realised that i knew better today :lol: When jointing 2 or more boards that I will edge glue together I first mark a triangle for alignment. When i joint them, I joint one "face up" to the jointer fence, the next "face down" to the fence. the logic of this is that you can...
  17. kota62

    Shadow Box finished

    Finished the shadow box :eusa_danc for my good friend at work, he was very pleased as was I. feel free to check out the pics in the Shadow Box photo gallery Thanks for your time Gary
  18. kota62

    TS Fence

    I have a Grizzly 1022 T/S that I would like to upgrade the fence (good tax return due to multi-month layover in Afghanistan:-( ) I have looked at the Vega, Delta and Mulecabs, all look pretty good for my needs (26-40" to right of blade and $300.00 range). Amazon has a few good deals running now...
  19. kota62


    Finally took the step and posted here, so no turning back now.... I have been slowly learning/enjoying woodworking for the last 12+ years, since i got stationed here from England. I have been in the USAF for 25 years now (1 more to go) Born in London, raised in Windber Pa. I'm a long time...

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