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  1. Mark Gottesman

    Yup, I still turn wood once in a while :)

    Quite Beautiful. Thanks for the nice pictures.
  2. Mark Gottesman

    Dr. Spalting is Coming, Dr. Spalting is coming!!!

    Looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mark Gottesman

    1 Opening for the Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC

    Re: Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC Something has come up and I will have to miss tomorrows workshop. If anyone is interested in taking my slot for free just sign up, show up and enjoy.
  4. Mark Gottesman

    How to use a slider; I laughed, I cried...

    Looks like a great tool if one can dedicate that much money and space! Thanks for posting that.
  5. Mark Gottesman

    Basswood tree: Free

    In the next couple of months I am going to get some tree clearing done around my house. Among the clearing list is a Basswood. The base is about 46" circumference with a diameter of about 12-13". From the ground to the first branch is 9 foot. So, I am going to have a crew come in and pull a...
  6. Mark Gottesman

    Handplane Workshop

    I had a great day at the workshop. Could have stayed at home and done this, but it is good to get out, meet other members and see other ways of doing things. This was a bunch of tools that are being put together for green wood spoon carving and possibly working towards primitive Windsor chair...
  7. Mark Gottesman

    Interesting talk

    Wish I could make it. If someone does goe could they please post about his talk and suggestions?
  8. Mark Gottesman

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Time to eat!

    Plan on coming.
  9. Mark Gottesman

    Tool box plans

    After casting around for a tool chest, I settled on a Japanese style since I needed something more for transport than onsite storage which I already have. It is quite functional and I have been pleased with it both functionally and visually. Here is a previous thread...
  10. Mark Gottesman

    Bee Houses - new outreach project

    I have used drilled wooden blocks with parchment paper liner tubes for over a decade. I have never had a problem with carpenter bees. They are located right off my back deck along the driveway. The bees are only active for around 6 weeks when the Bradford Pear trees and the blueberry bushes are...
  11. Mark Gottesman

    Arts and Crafts Desk

    Beautiful design! I have always liked that type of desk with the open bookshelves. The endpanels for them are striking. I use a payroll desk with a vertical crossbar underneath and you either sit up straight or sit cocked to the side. Makes for a stronger unit, but it is uncomfortable...
  12. Mark Gottesman

    Plans for making Windsor Chairs

    Thanks for posting this info. Windsor chairs have started to interest me as of late. Right now my reading has centered on the style of chair that Drew Langsner makes so it is great to have other sources to explore. Seat carving looks rather complicated.
  13. Mark Gottesman

    Need some plane ID help

    You might want to consider that the tool was either made in house or possibly the product of a training program for patternmakers. That would explain the lack of markings.
  14. Mark Gottesman

    Dye in epoxy

    FYI: Many epoxies will yellow over time. Glass and ceramic restoration people use a product called Hextal, but it is very expensive. It stays clear.
  15. Mark Gottesman

    1 Opening for the Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC

    Re: Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC I am looking to use this to decorate guitar headstocks and/or rosettes. So, Novice to intermediate would work for me. EDIT: The rope border is also of interest to me for use as purfling. Both in fabrication and application.
  16. Mark Gottesman

    1 Opening for the Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC

    Re: Hardwood Inlay Workshop - Saturday 4/2/2016 - Liberty, NC Please put me in for a spot. I will need a saw to use. Off to make my contribution.
  17. Mark Gottesman

    Handplane and general sharpening workshop March 12

    Re: Handplane and general sharpening workshop If, due to cancellations or whatever, there is an opening then please put me down for a slot. However, if someone comes up after this posting who has not taken the class please put them ahead of me.
  18. Mark Gottesman

    Stanly #400 vise advice needed

    I have no experience using them, but they seem to be a mainstay in framing shops. There is a pair for sale on the Winston-Salem Cl for a similar price. Been there for almost a month.
  19. Mark Gottesman

    Take Care of your Eyes

    Thank You! Always good to get a refresher that the the most important tool in the shop is you. Hope you have a speedy and complete recovery.
  20. Mark Gottesman

    2016 monthly contest categories

    This was put together out of repurposed materials for storing luthier tools and small supplies. The top case was from a last item sale at Sam's. the middle case was made from a curbside salvage and scrap lumber. The bottom was from a bbq. I like the folding wings and it is on wheels. So...

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