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  1. Mark Gottesman

    Basswood tree: Free

    In the next couple of months I am going to get some tree clearing done around my house. Among the clearing list is a Basswood. The base is about 46" circumference with a diameter of about 12-13". From the ground to the first branch is 9 foot. So, I am going to have a crew come in and pull a...
  2. Mark Gottesman

    Workbench tool tray - Yay or nay?

    Hope to get a proper workbench built this year. I see some benches with and some without tool trays. There are a lot of threads around the web, but after reading for a while I am still undecided as to whether it is needed or not. So, what does the NCWW have to say on the topic?
  3. Mark Gottesman

    Vintage Craftsman Cabinet/Floor Saw Lewisville CL $200

    I use one of these that I rebuilt. Good solid saw if you don't mind doing the refurb. Not mine and no interest in it. x prohibited[?] Posted: about an hour ago ◀ prev ▲ next ▶ print Wood working equipment - $200 (Lewisville...
  4. Mark Gottesman

    Rosewood Slabs from Martin Guitar

    Hard to tell from these photos, but this might be worth a look. I have no connection to this other than a bad case of WAS (Wood acquisition syndrome). I have no idea about actual worth, but maybe that is the going price these days. ROSEWOOD SLABS FROM MARTIN GUITAR - $900 Four Rosewood...
  5. Mark Gottesman

    Needed supply questions to tune up a lot of tools.

    I have acquired quite a few tools in the last several months and want to start cleaning them up for use or sale. For rust removal I will use a mix of Evaporust and Electrolysis. The supply question comes about due to the number of tools that need flattening. I checked the box I've been storing...
  6. Mark Gottesman

    Japanese toolchest - Shou Sugi Ban Finish - From Tool tote Workshop

    Last December Mike Davis and Bill Clemmons put together a Tool Tote Workshop at Bill's shop in Liberty. I decided to use the workshop to make a Japanese style closed chest rather than the open tote with Dovetail corners. Just worked better for my needs. Anyway, This was the end product in the...
  7. Mark Gottesman

    Free industrial Bandsaw on WS CL Go get 'em! that is all
  8. Mark Gottesman

    This will make you shake your head.

    Turning a tree into a porch column on a homebuilt lathe. I could barely watch the roughing in process. 16 minute video:
  9. Mark Gottesman

    Free rifle crates in Monroe, NC (SE Charlotte)

    Classic firearms posted a come and get them to clear out their loading dock. Look like they might be reuseable. To far from me to be be worthwhile.
  10. Mark Gottesman

    looking for help identifying partial hand saw logo

    Cleaning up a saw and want to try and identify. 26" 10 PPI crosscut , taper ground, Nib, straight back Only real clear markings are "Cast Steel" and "2" Not really sure if that is a "1" to the left of the "2" Handle missing medallion. I have traced what I can see with a sharpie. It may very...
  11. Mark Gottesman

    Suggestions for what TPI I should file my saws

    I've got two old Disstons (Post Phila. models) that are in need of retoothing. What would be your recommendation for an all around rip and crosscut tooth count for starting a using handsaw grouping. I've already filed off the old teeth so anything is possible.
  12. Mark Gottesman

    Found - Looking for article out of Woodwork #58

    Specifically the Drew Langsner article Part 1 on building a Rustic Windsor or Hearth Chair. PM if you can help.
  13. Mark Gottesman

    Craftsman Cabinet saw returned to service. Finally!

    For way to long, when asked what I was working on, my reply was restoring an old cabinet saw. So, last night I finished hooking up the electrics. It is done except for the ruler tape on the fence and a router table extension that needs bolting on. So, now when I asked I can say something else...
  14. Mark Gottesman

    Questions on files for sharpening saws.

    I have several saws that need sharpening and two saws that I want to retooth to a different pattern. I see that Lee/Veritas sells Grobert so I guess they are good. What brand files(available not old stock) are you using? Where are you getting them from? Does Ed L Stock anything? How many...
  15. Mark Gottesman

    Silly me, here I've been buying wood and tools.

    Growing furniture. Xtreme bonsai
  16. Mark Gottesman

    CL Delta Rockwell Super 900 RAS - Thomasville $200

    Usual disclaimer: Not my monkey - Not my Circus. I think this is close enough to a realistic price to be worth investigating. Good solid machine if nothing is trashed. I've already got a setup so, not for me. DELTA ROCKWELL RADIAL...
  17. Mark Gottesman

    Need troubleshooting advice on intermittent blocked toilets

    Not quite sure where to start. Have had 2 failures to drain on the upstairs toilet 2x about 3 or 4 weeks apart. The first one was 6 - 8 weeks ago. Today the toilet downstairs from it exhibited the same trouble. First time ever. I was able to clear all of them with a bit of plunger activity and...
  18. Mark Gottesman

    Are Matched belts still a thing? What to get?

    I am getting down to the last few items on a TS restore. It uses a two belt pulley(2.25" diam) with 3/8" x 43" belts driven at 3450 by a 1HP motor. Since the TS is probably close to 70 years old are matched belts still a thing. This is my first multiple belt rig. Last one used a single and I put...
  19. Mark Gottesman

    Maple Burl Caps CL - Winston-Salem

    The usual : Not my Monkey - Not my circus. Looks interesting. I am ignorant as to pricing. Selling Maple Burl Caps (winston salem) © craigslist - Map...
  20. Mark Gottesman

    For you creative recyclers: A Neat Piano Please note: this has Ivory Inlays. Silver Queen Piano © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map)...

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