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  1. SkintKnuckle

    Best finish for flooring

    About 9 or 10 years ago, I replaced all my pine stair treads to the upstairs with oak. I used a solvent based semigloss Varathane that I got from one of the big box stores. It's held up very well, I'd use it again for my floors. The only drawback were the fumes, be sure you have good...
  2. Sofa Table

    Sofa Table

  3. SkintKnuckle

    Name that Glue

    Joe, I'd use the 3M weatherstripping cement, apply to both surfaces, alow to tack up, then put together under mild pressure
  4. SkintKnuckle

    Gorilla glue and African mahogany....

    Chris, without seeing the joints, it's difficult to say, here's my guess: 1- did the joints have really good fit? polyurethane glues do not work well as gap fillers 2- did you have good clamp pressure, this is even more critical than when using plain old wood glue hope this helps
  5. SkintKnuckle

    Holly Lumber

    Give Wall Lumber a call, they have if from time to time. The prices I've seen there when they have it were less than those posted above, but the boards weren't nearly as wide, most of what I've seen there was about 4 to 6 inch, and only 4/4
  6. SkintKnuckle

    Sandbox wood?

    When my boys were little, I used a worn out tractor tire which came from a tire store, I used my jig saw to cut out the sidewall, filled it up with sand, and the boys just had a ball. It won't rot, is non-toxic, and if they fall and bump their head it's resiliant enough to not hurt...much.
  7. SkintKnuckle

    Titebond Glue

    Yes, it should be OK to mix Titebond and Titebond II. I've seen commercial formulations in the past that used a mixture of conventional and X-link PVA. Titebond III with any other PVA might give stability problems if mixed then stored for a while.
  8. SkintKnuckle

    Finished the Chest of Drawers

    Very nice indeed, I really like the clean lines.
  9. SkintKnuckle

    What do you do with your sawdust?

    Steve, MDF dust if very suitable for compost, it's refined wood fibers bonded with UF resin. The resin will readily degrade releasing the nitrogen in the urea portion of the resin, needed in the composting process. The formaldehyde is very readily biodegradable in soil micro-organisms. Same...
  10. SkintKnuckle

    Performax sander on CL

    Not mine and don't know them, Looks to be a good deal, I already have one.
  11. SkintKnuckle

    a desk for the grand babies

    Desk looks GREAT, and I love the color and character of the sycamore, I gotta try some of that!
  12. SkintKnuckle

    Finally finished the sofa table

    Thanks for the compliments folks. Roger sanded with ros down to 400 grit, then simply tung oil rubbed back with steel wool after each coat, there are about 5 coats on the top 3 on the legs and apron. It could have used anothe couple of coats, but my wife wouldn't wait any longer. This is the...
  13. SkintKnuckle

    Finally finished the sofa table

    I've been working on this for several months, along with several other projects, it's finally finished. The top is lacewood, zebra wood trimmed in some really light hard maple and plain mahogany. The legs and aprons are figured mahogany trimmed in some more maple and some walnut scraps. I...
  14. Sofa Table - Top (Lacewood clos-up)

    Sofa Table - Top (Lacewood clos-up)

  15. Sofa Table - Side View

    Sofa Table - Side View

  16. Sofa Table - Front View

    Sofa Table - Front View

  17. SkintKnuckle

    Fun with scrap/reclaiming bench space...

    Dave, the racks look great! What are the dimensions of your router table top? annnnnd if you had to build another would you us the same dimensions? Thanks ahead
  18. SkintKnuckle


    Exactly what DaveO said. Titebond I inside, Titebond II outside. Titebond III is actually designed to be an ANSI type I adhesive, which is more stringent than the ANSI type II. Here's a link to a very good comparison of the different Titebond products. It's very well done...
  19. SkintKnuckle

    wooden gear clocks

    I've been wanting to try one, but have waaaaaaaaaaay too many other projects that must be completed 1st! Here's a good like, with some freebie plans. Good luck
  20. SkintKnuckle

    Wood - what's your favorite / least favorite

    Favorites are cherry, mahogany and maple, in that order. OK are the oaks, red and white. Least favorite, Cottonwood! if anyone has ever sawn it, they'll know why, it ABSOLUTELY has the worst smell of any wood I've come across! I also used some zebrawood for accent in a table top, it splits...

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