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  1. DSWalker

    New 10x20 Shed/Shop

    Exciting. That is quite the upgrade!
  2. DSWalker

    M-I-L visiting for a week

    So I made a lot of progress on this set of end tables out in the shop! :D Mother in law was here and visited for the week. Got most of this done while she was here! Lol. Wifey has been asking for a new set of tables for a while. Finally had some motivation to get out in the shop! Funny how...
  3. DSWalker

    20" Grizzly planer lacking DC

    I have a 2 HP Grizzly Dust collection system. I fill the 70 gal bags regularly, sonit works well. Yes, I have removed the hood. All is clear inside. In fact, If I don't turn on the DC it blows enough air to inflate the top bag. It (the DC) probably collects 60% to 70% of the chips.
  4. DSWalker

    20" Grizzly planer lacking DC

    Direct connection to 2HP grizzly DC. 5" port to 6" hose to 5" port. It has never picked up the chips cleanly. Is this typical for large planers? My old benchtop never left chips like this.
  5. DSWalker

    DC woes...

    Understood. Was just frustrated. Never really measured the DC inlet and made the assumption it was 6". Guess Ive just read too many posts here about running 6" pipe. I'll make it work one way or the other. Lol
  6. DSWalker

    DC woes...

    Ugh, ordered a 6" x 10' hose to connect my 2 HP Grizzly DC directly to my planer. The planer has a 5" port, so I also ordered a 5" to 6" connector. Went to hook everything up this evening and well, the DC inlet is 5". Actually, a little less than that. Why did I think it was 6"???? UgH...
  7. DSWalker

    RDU CL - Jet Jointer - $150 (Edit - SOLD)

    Wow... if it works, yes! Someone go grab it quick! Just a little north of Wake Forest.
  8. DSWalker

    Picking A New Riding Mower

    Look for a Country Clipper dealer. Not many of them around, but they make a Zero turn with a joy stick controller. I have one and love it. I mow a couple acres every week in summer. About another acre every couple months. It is over 10 years old and just recently started needing a few repairs.
  9. DSWalker

    Need 3/4" Plywood Scraps

    There is a guy in the Smithfield Selma area that posts fairly regularly on FB Marketplace. Probably 45 min from Cary. Usually 3x3 or 3x4 sizes for around $5 if I recall.
  10. DSWalker

    CNC service needed

    Was literally just thinking date and score. Similar to what Ken just posted w/o the football. Although Ken, that is pretty cool. I just want to commemorate the item with the date/score.
  11. DSWalker

    CNC service needed

    Looking for someone in Raleigh/Johnston County area to make a small plaque, final size around 6" x 18". Nothing fancy needed. Would want date and score inscribed onto plaque. Luckily someone at the time suggested I write that on the back or I would not have remembered what year it was from...
  12. DSWalker

    ISO cut off scraps...

    Thinking 1/4" or maybe a little less. I will have to tack or glue it down to a backerboard after staining.
  13. DSWalker

    ISO cut off scraps...

    Specifically, looking for scrap/cutoffs @ 1/2" or thinner x 2" width and 18" lengths minimum. If what you have isnt exact, I could cut it down. I know it's a long shot, but figured I'd ask. Need to be within 30 to 45 minutes of Raleigh area if possible. Wil pay appropriate compensation...
  14. DSWalker

    Poplar air dry time?

    My brother just had a bunch of poplar milled up over in TN. I know typical rule of thumb is 1 year per inch. Is this true with poplar?
  15. DSWalker

    Powermatic 6" Jointer - $400 (Mooresville) GONE

    New price is $400. Must have had a lot of calls quick!
  16. DSWalker

    Old Wood - New Wood

    Nice. I had some similarly tight grained pine boards in an old barn I took down on my property.
  17. DSWalker

    What is (was) this tree?

    I think you get the prize for correct ID. Had someone from FB suggest Hickory, then also had a guy out to do some land clearing. Without asking, he referenced working around the large Hickory tree that was down. Thinking I may cut 2 to 3, 8'-9' sections and have them milled up.
  18. DSWalker

    Design help

    I believe she sent a photo of one that was 40"×80" and thus determine the blocks were about 1.25" square. She hasnt decided on the size she wants yet. I'm going to make a much smaller one to see how it goes. 1.25" squares and 40"×80" will equal a little over 2000 pieces if my math is close...
  19. DSWalker

    Design help

    I thought that exact same thing!!

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