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  1. DSWalker

    M-I-L visiting for a week

    So I made a lot of progress on this set of end tables out in the shop! :D Mother in law was here and visited for the week. Got most of this done while she was here! Lol. Wifey has been asking for a new set of tables for a while. Finally had some motivation to get out in the shop! Funny how...
  2. DSWalker

    20" Grizzly planer lacking DC

    Direct connection to 2HP grizzly DC. 5" port to 6" hose to 5" port. It has never picked up the chips cleanly. Is this typical for large planers? My old benchtop never left chips like this.
  3. DSWalker

    DC woes...

    Ugh, ordered a 6" x 10' hose to connect my 2 HP Grizzly DC directly to my planer. The planer has a 5" port, so I also ordered a 5" to 6" connector. Went to hook everything up this evening and well, the DC inlet is 5". Actually, a little less than that. Why did I think it was 6"???? UgH...
  4. DSWalker

    CNC service needed

    Looking for someone in Raleigh/Johnston County area to make a small plaque, final size around 6" x 18". Nothing fancy needed. Would want date and score inscribed onto plaque. Luckily someone at the time suggested I write that on the back or I would not have remembered what year it was from...
  5. DSWalker

    ISO cut off scraps...

    Specifically, looking for scrap/cutoffs @ 1/2" or thinner x 2" width and 18" lengths minimum. If what you have isnt exact, I could cut it down. I know it's a long shot, but figured I'd ask. Need to be within 30 to 45 minutes of Raleigh area if possible. Wil pay appropriate compensation...
  6. DSWalker

    Poplar air dry time?

    My brother just had a bunch of poplar milled up over in TN. I know typical rule of thumb is 1 year per inch. Is this true with poplar?
  7. DSWalker

    Design help

    I have a friend that is interested in something similar to display as art. Not sure how big the blocks are, maybe 1.5"? How would you go about cutting these. Thinking I'd get 6/4 stock and start ripping into long square pieces. Then cut into 3" lengths and then cut those in half at an...
  8. DSWalker

    What is (was) this tree?

    Just curious what this was. Most of the leaves under looked like those shown.
  9. DSWalker

    20" Planer in Wilmington!!

    Not mine and not endorsing, but that is an awesome price if in good working order. Won't last long at this price.
  10. DSWalker

    Air compressor... Merry Christmas

    My favorite gift. I heard about these a few years ago on this forum. OMG how quiet they actually are. I got the starter model. 1 hp and 7 gallon tank. Likely all I will ever need.
  11. DSWalker

    Old Pecan tree

    Any idea what we have going on here? Been this way for years. I imagine some kind of insect damage. Would the wood be any good if I were to ever decide to bring it down?
  12. DSWalker

    How long was your longest project?

    Is there a prize for the longest time to complete a relatively easy project? I'm sure I wouldn't win, but here is my entry. Told my daughter 2 to 3 months to finish this table... last September... 2019. She was down a few weeks back and with puppy dog blinky eyes, asked if it might be ready...
  13. DSWalker

    My raffle prize

    I received it in the mail this week. Much to my surprise, there were twice the number of bottles than I was expecting! This is like a lifetime prize for me. Thanks to all involved in the entire raffle/fund raiser process.
  14. DSWalker

    Meditation table/Bench for my niece

    Ambrosia maple and Purple heart top. Legs are white oak with ebony stain. Niece visited from TN specifically to help with this project. She did all of the sanding, oiling the top and staining the legs. I made the cuts and put together. Quick little project. She is thrilled with it.
  15. DSWalker

    Drill press (was) kicking GFI breaker

    A while back my drill press started kicking the GFI breaker immediately when I turned the power on. It did it multiple times and I just put it in the corner and forgot about it because I rarely need it. Today, I plugged it into a different outlet (same circuit) turned it on and works fine...
  16. DSWalker

    Spalted maple stain options

    Update: worked till about 8 PM last night. Niece was actively assisting and asking what she could do to help. Going with the BLO. She still wants it darker. May run to Lowes and see if another oil might help darken it a little more. This has about 3 coats so far. Also added a strip of...
  17. DSWalker

    Raleigh area contractor, handy men or woman needed.

    LOCATION = RALEIGH I have a coworker in search of a local carpenter/handyman to do some work inside their house. Built in shelving. Construct a new door in an existing laundry room and maybe some lite drywall work. Location is just off New Bern Ave between downtown and Wake Med hospital main...
  18. DSWalker

    Mini-Split unit kicked breaker

    Went out to the shop this afternoon and noticed the AC wasn't on. The Pioner mini split had kicked the 30 amp breaker and now I cant get power back on the unit. I don't have a multimeter to check for current. Will try to pick one up tomorrow. I checked the connections in exterior electrical...
  19. DSWalker

    Wife decided she wanted to keep me around.

    I got my fathers day present a little early. Installed it today. Ran a temporary ext cord to power it up for now. Next cool morning I'll add an outlet up there. Told myself several times during the shop build to go ahead and do that, but never did.
  20. DSWalker

    What type wood?

    This desk was gifted to me in my teens by my grandmother. It was painted at the time. I stripped it and stained it probably 20 plus years ago. Clearing out our storage unit and it is now in my shop. Hoping one of my daughters will take it for the grandkids one day. I always thought it was...

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