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    Tone Box Plans

    Hey, Everybody. Still learning, but I thought I'd share a project. This is the second tongue drum/tone box I've built. Sides are 4/4 birdseye and top is Padauk, all joined with 1/2"x 1/2" rabbets and yellow glue. Half-inch birch is screwed onto the bottom to give access to tune tongues. I...
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    Veneer glue for humidor?

    Hey, everybody. I am making a small, desktop humidor. The sides are made of spanish cedar and the top MDF. I am adding rosewood veneer on the outside. I was looking at titebond for veneer, but in the product specs it says not appropriate for high humidity. What glue should i use? Thanks, Jeff
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    Resaw and planing help

    Hi Everyone! I am a newbie woodworker on my second project. I am taking on a desktop humidor to give to my brother for his birthday (early March). I am following the free plan from Fine Woodworking Magazine here: A friend a work...

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