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  1. rywilson

    Looking for bowl blanks

    I've recently got back into woodworking and have upgraded to a full size lathe. I'm in need of some large bowl blanks. Does the community have any good sources?
  2. rywilson

    SOLD Rikon mini lathe for sale

    Rikon 70-050VS mini lathe. Asking $125
  3. rywilson

    Looking for someone interested in building games tables.

    The back story: Several months ago a co-worker asked if I could help him build a gaming table. We designed and built the table to meet his needs. He posted the pictures on a gaming forum and someone had suggested a Kick Starter project, so we did...
  4. rywilson

    Need some help

    I need to get some plywood from Wurth group. I do not have a truck and I may not be able to get access to the truck I normally borrow. Is anyone willing to help me out? I will of course pay for you for your troubles. Thanks
  5. rywilson

    Interesting article about Sawstop
  6. rywilson

    Target USL

    I'm finishing some nightstands and the wife wants them Pottery Barn black. I did a bunch of test boards with India ink and it came out OK. However I would like to try some USL tinted black. Before I order some I would like to try it out since I have never used it before. Does anyone have...
  7. rywilson

    What do you do with your sawdust?

    I've been in the shop the last few nights milling some wood. I've filled 3 trash cans with chips from the plainer and jointer. While dumping the chips in the field behind my house I got to wondering what everyone else does. Do you bag it up and put it in the trash?
  8. rywilson

    tool gloat

    I was at Lowes last night shopping for plants with the wife. I happened to swing by the tools and noticed they had the Freud FT1702VCEK router on clearance for 129$. This originally sells for 199$. I couldn't pass it up.
  9. rywilson

    Plans for a charging station?

    Was wondering if anyone had some plans for a charing station. I'm looking from something to put on the counter to hide to cords for cell phones. Also maybe a drawer to put keys and wallets. I've tried to sketch a few in Sketchup but have not been overly pleased with the results.
  10. rywilson

    Earlex 5000 for staining a fence?

    Would anyone use the Earlex to stain a fence? I've been reading allot of reviews on the Earlex and have heard great things. I also need to have my fence stained. We were going to just hire someone to do it but thought I may be able to save some money and get a new tool out of the deal. While...
  11. rywilson

    1948 Craftsman Lathe

    My mother brought this lather down from NY when she came to visit. This lathe was giving to my stepfathers father in the mid 50s and has been sitting in their barn ever since. Its going to take some restoration to get it in working shape (any advice?). I'll also need to get a motor. I was...
  12. rywilson

    Wine box

    When my mother came to visit a while ago she brought some wood from her farm (she also brought something from the dark side. Another post coming) I used some of the maple and walnut to make this wine gift box. After experimenting with a couple different finishes I took the advice of...
  13. rywilson

    Ace hardware going out of business

    The Ace hardware in Rolesville is going out of business and items are up to 50% off. They don't carry many tools but they do have lots of...well hardware. They also carry a large selection of paint. Thought I would pass this along.
  14. rywilson

    Help setting up a PM2000

    I was able to follow the directions and get the saw together. However since this is my first "real" table saw I'm not sure how exact I need to get the part in-line. I put a straight edge to the table and it does not look perfect. This could be a result of the straight edge, saw-top or both...
  15. rywilson

    Finishes for Ash?

    Can anyone recomend a finish for Ash? I had thought about using India ink to dye it black but then decided I want more of a natural finish. Would you use BLO? Does anyone have any examples of natural finish on Ash?
  16. rywilson

    How would you sand this?

    A friend of mine is restoring some furniture and is having some trouble getting into the grooves. He tried using sanding cord but it was not small enough. Here are the two pieces and Any suggestions would be...
  17. rywilson

    PM2000 now or Sawstop later?

    Looking for some opinions.... Currently I have a not so nice TS. It was a gift and has served its purpose to now but its time to move on. I've decided that I'm going to go with a TS with a riving knife. I'm in a position now to purchase a PM2000 or I could wait for an undetermined time and...
  18. rywilson

    New member!

    I was turned onto this site a couple days ago from the Sawmillcreek forum. I'm just starting to really get into wood working. I have for the last several years started to accumulate tools and I'm at the point where I want to start building cabinets and furniture. I have a wife and a 3 yr old...
  19. rywilson

    Plywood suggestion for shop cabinets?

    I'm plan on building some shop cabinets soon. I started looking at Birch ply and see the price is about 85 a sheet for 3/4". I'm really just learning how to build cabinets so I don't want to spent a ton of money yet I want something that will look decent when painted. I also want to stay...

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