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    Sears Molding Head - YEAH!

    I think I have one too. Just collecting dust.
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    Picking A New Riding Mower

    FWIW, I have a John Deere X330 from a dealer with an 18 hp Briggs maybe. Not sure at this time of night. Dang fine mower in my opinion. Seems to be better put together than the Lowe’s models although that may be a figment of my imagination.
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    Dust Collection Duct Layout Advice Needed

    My reply has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand. Alan, I see you live in Washington, NC. It’s a place with a long and pleasant memory for me. I spent many a summer with my grandparents there fifty or more years ago. My grandfather ran the production credit association office...
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    Router Rabbet bit recommendation (is it rabbit or rabbet?)

    I have this setup. Works well and accurate. The instructions were a touch dodgy so I measured to be sure.
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    Router Collet Extensions

    I used whichever one that the Klingspor shop sold because it was what they had and I didn’t have to wait. It was okay.
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    Klingspors Virtual Extravaganza 2020

    I did that with my Incra miter gauge. Got just a leeetle too closed and BAM! But I learned how to get the brake off the blade. I had lost one carbide tooth. Just for fun I took the blade to a local place recommended by Freud. They checked the blade to make sure that it was flat. Which it was and...
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    Bosch Random Orbit Sanders

    Would rather have a five inch but can’t find them either.
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    Bosch Random Orbit Sanders

    I wonder what the problem is. At any rate, I guess I will stick with my Dewalts.
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    Bosch Random Orbit Sanders

    I have been reading about the various Bosch random orbit sanders and the chatter is generally positive about them. What I am finding is that I can’t find the 3.3 amp models. Klingspor Woodworking Shop shows late December for having the six inch version.
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    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    Or all of the above. I can be picky about it too. I have gotten bad samples and it’s just maddening. Especially to return one and still get one with the replacement. If I had another place locally to buy the saw I bought I probably would have. I will never trust mail order for things like that...
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    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    Interesting thread. My newest Dewalt, DW779, is a Taiwan made saw that is seemingly quite well made. I have gone as far as adding the light kit found on the DW780 at a significant savings over the 780. All of the castings seem to be fine and smooth, and the saw seems to be okay. I will keep an...
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    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    No worries. Just thought I would offer.
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    Slidin Miter Saw Advice

    Like I said earlier, I have a DW718 with the laser I’m asking $225 for. It’s made in Mexico if you want to take a look. I am in Morganton.
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    Jointer Blades

    Thanks Mitch
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    Jointer Blades

    Thanks Cuthriell
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    Jointer Blades

    Thanks Fred.
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    Jointer Blades

    A 2 part question for a vintage Craftsman 6” jointer. Where is a good place to purchase a good set of blades and any tips for setting this thing up? thanks
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    Oscillating Multi-tools: What do you have? What's good? What's bad?

    I have two Rockwell’s. One with the quick change and the other doesn’t. I really like the Rockwell. Of course I have nothing to compare them to but they work well and don’t care to trade them.
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    Rules for the "For Sale / Wanted" forum.

    Thx! Don’t want to break the rules.
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    Thanks all for the welcomes. I am looking forward to what is offered.

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