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    CPowell Back for More

    Been a while since I last visited. Work took over my life for a few years, but I finally decided to back off a little. Moved from Rocky Mount to Swansboro about 18 months job...retired April 2020 when Covid reared its ugly head. (I felt there was too much exposure visiting crowded...
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    48 inch table repair

    My daughter and SIL have a 100+ year old dining table that needs veneer repair. Table is 48 inch round with 2-3 insert leaves. They live near Yanceyville, NC. Does anyone here want to look at this for them? Reply/send a PM and I will get you in touch. Awaiting more pics. Chuck
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    TS blade sharpening

    I haven't sent off blades in a few years now. Used Dynamic Saw previously. Where do you send yours?
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    4/4 Walnut

    I'd like to find 100-150 bd ft 4/4 walnut. AD or KD is fine, just not steamed. Last I checked Wall and Hdwd Store both stocked steamed.
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    Thick walnut needed

    I could use some dry walnut - 22" long x 5.5" wide x 3.5" thick finished dimension for crest rails on DR chairs I'm making. Qty 8 needed. I realize it's a long shot but thought maybe somebody would have something since I can use short lengths. I have plenty of 8/4 walnut but the grain is...
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    WTB 10/4 or 12/4 walnut for curved chair legs

    I have been trying to find thick walnut for curved chair leg stock. No luck. 10/4 will work if the usable thickness is 2.5 inches, else 12/4. Can anyone point me to someone that has it? I'm hoping someone has SEEN 10/4 or thicker stock and can refer me. I have looked around at various...
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    Hand Plane Storage Cabinet Finished

    I completed a walnut cabinet to store some of my larger bench planes. Room for 2 each - No. 8, 7, 6, and 5. I also included storage in the doors for some AI chisels and mortise chisels and a few hand saws. I rough dimensioned with power jointer and planer but used hand tools for final...
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    Sawyer Help

    I have a 40 inch diameter butt log from a red elm in my back yard. We tried our best to fell it on top of tree limb pieces to keep it off the ground. It succombed to Ditch elm disease and seems to be fairly dry compared to normal fresh felled logs. I would like to price getting it cut in...
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    Source for 8/4 walnut - chair stock

    I need a few more boards for DR chairs. Been a year since I finished the table and someone that I live with here (no names given :nah:) thinks I should start making some progress. :gar-La; I probably need 3 more boards depending on width. AD would be fine so long as it is DRY. Chuck
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    Early Christmas Gloat - Plane Box

    Mshel and I exchanged gifts today. When I unwrapped my gift I saw a beautiful box. I knew what would be inside before I opened it. A few years ago when I was visiting Mike at his shop he opened a drawer and took out a really nice box. When he opened the box I saw it was custom fit to hold his...
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    Red Elm Tree Felled

    A friend of a neighbor came by today and limbed and felled my stricken elm tree. I didn't realize how much work it was to safely drop a tree. This elm had a pretty good spread. Peter limbed selectively to get the weight where he wanted it and remove any limbs that could get caught on a...
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    Dying Tree I.D. - Is this an Elm?

    Found this limb down this morning. Looking closer the tree is missing a lot of leaves. Somehow I never noticed it was dying. The limb is pretty big. Cleanup will be a pain. I think I may need to bring down the entire tree unless there's a chance of saving it. I think it's an elm tree...
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    Thanks Sawduster and RandyJ

    The NCWWer pony express came through Rocky Mount Friday. RandyJ delivered a few sticks of granite from Sawduster. They will be used for flattening surface plates. Randy stayed on a little while and visited my shop. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, Randy is a super nice guy - probably no...
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    My first Stanley No. 3

    Stanley No. 3 Type 16. Wood is gorgeous. A little bit of stain on the metal on one side but just cosmetic. Japanning is very good, maybe 95% plus. Blade is in great shape but had never been flattened. So, I flattened and honed the bevel on the DMT diamond hone, then WS 3k, then went to the...
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    Tiny Gloat

    Well, I e-filed taxes and NC paid up quickly (surprised after last year's fiascos). With funds burning holes in my pockets I went to Klingspor's and WC. Wood from Klingspor's and DMT stone/stand plus Hock blade from WC. Bolivian Rosewood 6 x 6 x 3. DMT 10 inch coarse/xtra coarse plus...
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    Hock Blade for Stanley Spokeshave

    I picked up one of these on Jan 16 yesterday I hit the back and bevel with a Norton 8K, maybe 10 passes each, then made 10-12 passes on the bevel using mdf with honing compound, and put it in one of these newer Stanley...
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    Wood and Finish for Outdoor furniture

    A co-worker has worked out his patterns for Adirondack chairs and asked me what type wood and finish to use. I don't have experience with outdoor stuff...was thinking white oak or cypress?? Finish = I don't know. What do you think? Also, he lives in Raleigh but doesn't have...
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    Uncovered pith Section - How to fix?

    I uncovered a section of pith when I cut the oval into my rectangular table top glueup. :eusa_doh: Here's a pic. The pith area is the round one near the center of the pic. The other light colored areas are just the rough edge from the jigsaw, I haven't shaved that area flat yet. I...
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    Pre-Gloat Allowed??

    WC website says my LN 4 1/2 is "Ready to Ship" know, the one I ordered during the crazy, wacky, "gee I wish I had more cash on hand so I could just go nuts and buy one of everything LN sells" 20 percent off sale. OK, maybe not one of everything. :gar-La; :dontknow: I'm asking for...
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    Need to fill a crack

    I have a few cracks I need to fill in a table I'm working on. One of them is pretty open. Here's a pic: It's probably 1/32 max width. I have some filler that I can use but thought maybe epoxy would be better. How can I get a decent color match if I use epoxy? How do I go about...

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