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    Roll top desk repair..... need help

    My neighbor came over yesterday with a classic problem...a board too short. He was repairing it for his sister and cut the coopered top 1/2 inch too narrow. He cut it to fit the opening, but forgot to add the part that goes into the groove. Anybody have a way to stretch it ?
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    How do I make a contribution ?

    In recognition of assistance from a fellow member, I would like to make a small cash contribution to this Forum. How do I do that ?
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    2 chests for Charity

    Here are 2 chest I built for a local charity auction. One is full size, app. 48 x 22. The other is approximately 1/2 scale.
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    Have a small CNC job

    I built a miniature blanket chest for a charity Auction. Being small, I didn’t want to muck up the inside too much with holding hardware. It will slam shut. So, I want to put a little medallion on the inside of the lid saying something to the effect “ I Bite Fingers” . It only needs to be about...
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    Working Sycamore

    I have been given some sycamore to build a blanket chest. I have never used it. Someone told me they thought it was “*gnarly” to work with. Any experience out there ? I believe it is flat sawn.
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    Moisture meter

    I have not had an overwhelming need for a moisture meter until now. I will not use it often so I don’t want a top dollar high tech job...just a fairly accurate reading. Any recommendations ?
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    Moisture meter recommendation

    I have not had an overwhelming need for a moisture meter until now. I will not use it often so I don’t want a top dollar high tech job...just a fairly accurate reading. Any recommendations ?
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    Blanket chest plans

    I need a good plan for a blanket chest. I have been given a bunch of walnut to build one for a charity auction. Can anybody recommend one ?
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    Cabinet complete

    Here is my latest project. This cabinet is curly maple and sapele. Aniline dyes were used on the maple and black lacquer on the sapele. The curl pops nicely but it doesn’t show in the pics. I wanted to use non mortise hinges but I had a hard time finding them in polished silver. I finally found...
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    Yet another Christmas box

    Here’s another made from curly maple left over from a table. Ebony Keyes.
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    Another Christmas present finished

    Here is a simple jewelry box going out for Christmas. Made from Masur Birch and Bloodwood scrapes, Ebony Keyes. Finished with Beall Buffing process.
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    After market Drill press depth stop

    My Griz has that double nut stop that takes 2 wrenches because I cannot finger-tighten them. Can anybody recommend an after market replacement with thumb screw or some other method to lock it that doesn’t slip ?
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    More Christmas boxes

    Here are some of my Christmas boxes. Sapele and Spalted Maple Sapele and Big Leaf Maple Burl Mahagony and Koa Mahagony and Bloodwood. Ultrasuede lining Will be held on by rare earth magnets when they get here. Aren’t boxes fun to make. And people love ‘em.
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    2 recent cabinets

    I know this design has been done to death, but it was fun building these. Sapele and Spalted birch Curly wormy maple and Bloodwood. Both have handles I made of Bloodwood and holly.
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    8 Figured Walnut boards-Revised

    Some time ago I purchased 10 walnut boards from the same log. They are 9.5” to 11” Wide and 12 feet long. They have been sanded on both sides down to 7/8” and almost knot free. Lots of figure and curl. This is a unique opportunity to get enough beautiful matching lumber for that special project...
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    A place to sell work

    My wife says either we get a bigger house or I get another hobby. With each piece I make, I have to get rid of one. I have given all my family chests, tables, boxes, etc. We have no room left so I would love to try to sell my work, at least for the material costs. I'm sure I am not alone here...
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    ⁸Latest project

    I just finished this table of Mahogany and Ebony.
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    Member-created Work posting

    How do I earn the ability to post in the "Member created work" forum ?

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