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    Festool 27mm Non A/S Hose for sale

    I have a Festool brand non-antistatic 27mm hose that is just taking up space. It is missing the one end that attaches to the vacuum, but those are readily available in either straight or right angle. The hose is 3.5m long. $35 for the hose and I am willing to ship it via UPS (boycotting USPS...
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    Dewalt Compound Miter Saw w/ Blades and Accs-SOLD

    I have an older but seldom used Dewalt DW706 compound miter saw that is taking up space in my shop. I have three extra blades for it, as well as the length stops, extension bars (to support longer pieces) and crown stops. I'm asking $200 for everything. PM if interested, thank you! PS I am...
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    Woodpecker Exact Fit Dado Jig Lower Price

    I have this complete set up, the 32.5" version, with the zero clearance blocks and edge guides. Here is a link to the reintroduction of this one time tool by Woodpecker (coming March2021). I have used by only twice in two years, and I'm cleaning the shop out. Asking $200 for everything...
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    Hinge Help

    I'm reaching out to get your input on what type and size of hinges (and latch) to use for a project. I'm building two dog kennels (about 22x30x24) and am using cherry for the construction. It basically consists of four rail and stile frames with 1/2" dowels for the bars. The door will be ~2"...
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    Free Saw Stop Miter Gauge

    Howdy! Santa brought me a new upgraded miter gauge (didn't know he had a sub-contract with Jessem!). So I have the original miter gauge that came with my table saw last year. Just PM me, thanks! Jeff
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    10 Inch Dado Stack $50-SOLD

    I have no use for this "almost new" Oldham brand dado 10" stack (5/8" arbor hole). My table saw uses an 8" set to operate the safety mechanism, so this one just sits around. I was thinking around $50 for the set plus shipping (if any needed). Thanks! -Jeff
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    Router Bit Set for Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

    As a newbie woodworker, I am still feeling my way around the art, so this forum in very valuable. I made some cabinet doors (frame and panel) for a desk, shaker style, using my table saw and dado blade to make the stiles and rails. I have since discovered that there are router bit sets out...
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    Dewalt DW618 Kit for Sale

    I have a Dewalt DW618 plunge router kit (case, plunge base, fixed base, extra base plates and case) for sale. It is seldom used and I have a smaller router so this one needs to go. Comes with the 1/4" and 1/4" collets. I'd prefer not to ship this big case. Price is $130 or thereabouts.....:)
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    Shrinking Drum on Grizzly Oscillating Spindle Sander

    I have a Grizzly OS sander about two years old, and infrequently used. I noticed that my 3" rubber drum has shrunk and hardened to the point that the sanding sleeve slides around on the drum, no matter how hard I crank down the nut on the spindle. I contacted Grizzly about this and the basic...
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    New Member from Sherrills Ford

    Howdy from Catawba County! Having recently retired from my second job as an investigator with a major bank (first was with the US Dept of Homeland Security Investigations-formerly US Customs Service), I have a bit more time to spend playing in my workshop. I did open a small private...
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    What does this mean? (from the Festool Domino manual)

    I may just be a bit "slower" than the average guy, but I am trying to learn to use my new Festool Domino Joiner by making some cabinet cases, and this is quoted in the Festool supplemental manual: Because the mortises are registered from the base of the Domino (fixed 10 mm distance), the...
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    Festool Track Saw and Metric Scale on FT joiner

    Just used my retirement gift (gift card to Klingspors) to pick up a Festool track saw. That is the BEST tool I have ever owed...I wish I had purchased that earlier. It makes breaking down large sheets of BB plywood a breeze. My next tool target is a Festool domino joiner. I kinds of...

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