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  1. Richo B

    Video of the Tea chest in use

    Short video of the use of the recently completed tea chest and a preview of the hidden and secret compartments which hold Hanayama cast metal puzzles.
  2. Richo B

    2020 Tea Chest project finished

    The tea chest that I spent the year working on is now completed. Based on the tea chest in Mike Pekovich's book "The Why and How of Woodworking" pg. 140. This piece was slightly modified to hold 120 mL acrylic paint tubes so its slightly larger than Pekovich's. Other parts of his design I...
  3. Richo B

    Happy Birthday Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Joe. You got a few more hours of it.
  4. Richo B


    It has worked well for me in that. Since its originally an architectural software it handles large spaces very well. I don't have the full architectural version but the free 2015 version has allowed me to design my garage wworkshop, a full scale model of a warehouse building (both floors) and...
  5. Richo B


    I have 15 on a Windows 7 laptop that I keep off the Internet since it's no longer supported. The laptop is old but I will not discard it because of the SketchUp which in its day had more bells and whistles than most free versions now. So I can't download content. That means nothing to me since...
  6. Richo B

    New Bern Lunch Bunch has evolved

    Since COVID generally ended the Lunch Bunches for us, the New Bern group has taken to Zoom to continue our meetings. We've only met three times since July. However in a time when many have lost touch I'm happy to say we've been able to hold on. Despite trying to find a good time around...
  7. Richo B

    Making progress on the Tea chest

    Getting a little closer to completion. The sliding panel has been made but I've since added more pieces to the center "kumiko" pattern. The bottom drawer is missing in this photo as I've spent the week installing components that will give it a hidden compartment, a secret compartment and...
  8. Richo B

    Layout of tools

    The Tea Chest project is nearing the end. It started as a Quarantine project at the beginning of the year during the shut-down. Meant to be made with materials left over from last year's Apothecary puzzle cabinet. Here is a collection of some of the hand tools used for this project. It...
  9. Richo B

    Shoulder Plane

    I've also gone several years without acquiring a shoulder plane. The plane you made looks amazing but may be a little too challenging for me. I'll keep looking at antique shops.
  10. Richo B

    Stanley No. 6 and Miller Falls Block plane

    I was thrown by the curved lever and when I turned the knob it didn't seem to actually advance the blade. Maybe there is a deeper issue?
  11. Richo B

    Stanley No. 6 and Miller Falls Block plane

    It was Seaport. I've bought good antique tools there before and seen others on other trips and wish I'd bought them. The planes were all together in one booth by the front, near duck decoys and the peg board (but not on the peg board). There were about four planes and I only bought two. There...
  12. Richo B

    Stanley No. 6 and Miller Falls Block plane

    Thanks for the resource. Looks good.
  13. Richo B

    Making progress on the Tea chest

    yes that's it. Don't expect it to look exactly like the original. I'm often inspired by the work of another and will give them full credit for that inspiration but in my final design there will be differences. Mine is definitely different dimensions because the small drawers will be holding...
  14. Richo B

    Making progress on the Tea chest

    Dovetails. I don't do very good finger joints. Everything I do is using hand tools, which is probably why I prefer dovetails.
  15. Richo B

    Stanley No. 6 and Miller Falls Block plane

    Last weekend I bought a couple planes from an antique shop in Morehead City. First a Stanley No. 6 in very good condition. I ran its blade on the Tormek and now its my number one Fore plane. My other fore, a Craftsman Fore plane, will now become a Scrub plane. The other plane is a Miller...
  16. Richo B

    Making progress on the Tea chest

    The Pekovich tea chest is coming along. I took several weeks off due to hot weather, other hobbies and being stuck on one design issue which has been solved. Soon it will be at the point where I can make the small drawers and then the sliding door.
  17. Richo B

    Rare-earth magnet fragility

    I also don't understand what your "piece" is that you are trying to secure to the magnets and how the 8x14" plywood fits I to this. I have very similar magnets to what you described and they are strong enough to hold small tools to the sides of tool boxes that are carried including things like a...
  18. Richo B

    Finish for railing in historic building

    Sorry I didn't write this out completely. I'm not using the Orvus to "kill" the virus directly like alcohol or bleach would. The Orvus is used to break apart the viral envelope that houses the virus. The virus cannot live outside of that envelope. From National Center for Preservation...
  19. Richo B

    Another fine mess I’ve gotten into

    This looks like a rather fun mess to be a part of.
  20. Richo B

    Rare-earth magnet fragility

    I bought some several years ago and have used them on several projects. They came from a place that included paperwork with severe instructions about not letting them get near each other and cautions for using them in general. I didn't expect that. It was like I was buying them from a...

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