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  1. Richo B

    Video of the Tea chest in use

    Short video of the use of the recently completed tea chest and a preview of the hidden and secret compartments which hold Hanayama cast metal puzzles.
  2. Richo B

    2020 Tea Chest project finished

    The tea chest that I spent the year working on is now completed. Based on the tea chest in Mike Pekovich's book "The Why and How of Woodworking" pg. 140. This piece was slightly modified to hold 120 mL acrylic paint tubes so its slightly larger than Pekovich's. Other parts of his design I...
  3. Richo B

    New Bern Lunch Bunch has evolved

    Since COVID generally ended the Lunch Bunches for us, the New Bern group has taken to Zoom to continue our meetings. We've only met three times since July. However in a time when many have lost touch I'm happy to say we've been able to hold on. Despite trying to find a good time around...
  4. Richo B

    Layout of tools

    The Tea Chest project is nearing the end. It started as a Quarantine project at the beginning of the year during the shut-down. Meant to be made with materials left over from last year's Apothecary puzzle cabinet. Here is a collection of some of the hand tools used for this project. It...
  5. Richo B

    Stanley No. 6 and Miller Falls Block plane

    Last weekend I bought a couple planes from an antique shop in Morehead City. First a Stanley No. 6 in very good condition. I ran its blade on the Tormek and now its my number one Fore plane. My other fore, a Craftsman Fore plane, will now become a Scrub plane. The other plane is a Miller...
  6. Richo B

    Making progress on the Tea chest

    The Pekovich tea chest is coming along. I took several weeks off due to hot weather, other hobbies and being stuck on one design issue which has been solved. Soon it will be at the point where I can make the small drawers and then the sliding door.
  7. Richo B

    Finish for railing in historic building

    We have handrails/banisters in a historic building that need to be recoated prior to cleaning everyday for COVID while open. The surfaces were finished with shellac back in the 1960's but most likely never since. I've done tests on the surfaces and it appears anywhere that hands most likely...
  8. Richo B

    Videos of use of Corner brace and Hand Drills

    Here is a video that I did for my Instagram followers who were curious about the use of the corner brace that I bought in the Banner Elk area last week. I first use a standard brace and then the corner brace. Though you can't see it, I'm screwing in a wood screw through a pre-drilled hole...
  9. Richo B

    New tools, or new to me

    Went out to the mountains last weekend for a little rest and to get away from New Bern for a while. While out there I stopped at several antique shops and found the following gems. Stanley No. 982 Corner Brace that I bought at Front Porch antiques in Banner Elk area. I've been after this...
  10. Richo B

    Craftsman Fore plane

    I posted this on my Instagram page earlier today but wanted to put it here too in case there was some other ideas out there regarding some of the information. I have a Craftsman fore plane that I bought at an antique store in Williamsburg, VA years ago. It features BL on the original iron...
  11. Richo B

    Dado Plane

    Progress continues on the tea chest. Today I got out the dado plane that I bought last year and used it on its first project. I've practiced with it when I got it but this was the first time actually doing some work on an actual project. I've got more dadoes to do but they can't be done with...
  12. Richo B

    Progress on project

    It appears that the site has decided I'm a New Member. Whatever. A little update on the status of the current tea chest project. I've got the carcass completed to the dry fit. It will be coming apart again to add grooves and other features for adding the drawers and sliding panel. I've done...
  13. Richo B

    Upson Nut Company No. 61

    Visited a couple antique stores yesterday on my way back to New Bern from Winston Salem. At the Antique Market Place in Greensboro, I bought an Upson Nut Company No.61 two foot folding rule. From an on-line search, this was a pretty common rule made sometime between 1854 and 1911 when the...
  14. Richo B

    Next project

    So I have decided on the next item I will tackle. As I mentioned in another post about re-purposing something, this new item will do that job so the re-purposed item can go back to its original placement. I'm going to try to make a box with drawers based on the tea chest featured in Michael...
  15. Richo B

    New Bern February lunch this Thursday

    Join the New Bern crew for lunch this Thursday 27th at Morgan's Tavern on Craven Street in downtown New Bern at 11:30AM.
  16. Richo B

    Re-purposing a previous project

    My next project will focus on making a box or small cabinet for holding supplies related to my painting hobby. I'm in the process of brainstorming either a new idea or making something based on plans I have from a particular source or a piece that already exists that I can modify in a way that...
  17. Richo B

    Plastic connectors for electrical

    Today I'm replacing wired smoke detectors with battery operated units because I don't like the idea of no electricity means no detection. These wired detectors used plastic connectors that organized the three wires together to be connected to a similar connector coming out of the ceiling...
  18. Richo B

    Puzzle cabinet finally completed

    Back in 2018 I posted about my next project: Next Project After many months the project is now complete. This is a puzzle cabinet based on an apothecary that I saw at the Luray Valley Museum in Luray, VA in early 2018. It isn't an exact reproduction as I didn't take a photo of the...
  19. Richo B

    New Bern January lunch

    Getting this out a little early because we're meeting on a Saturday. Join the New Bern group for lunch on Saturday, January 25 at Famous Subs and Pizza on Neuse Blvd in New Bern, past the hospital. We'll be meeting at 11:30AM. I know of a couple that are coming but for everyone else...
  20. Richo B

    New Bern December Lunch Bunch

    Join us this Thursday, December 12, for lunch at Morgan's Tavern on Craven Street in downtown New Bern at 11:30AM. Ask for "NC Woodworkers". Let me know if you are planning to come. And while you're downtown head over to the Bank of the Arts on Middle Street just south of Broad Street to...

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