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    Byrd Shelix Cutterhead

    Grizzly has a sale on the Shelix cutterheads. I know they retrofit well for their jointers, but I have an 8" Bridgewood and they do have a "generic" Shelix cutterhead for it. But I have read stories where getting the bearings onto the new cutterhead has been a bear for some folks. I would...
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    Rockler Beadlock Pro

    I've been considering purchasing this loose tenon mortiser and was wondering what other WW'ers think and what experiences some of you might have. I've heard there may be some inaccuracies built into it that with "practice" can be overcome...
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    Brief Introduction

    Hello fellow Woodworkers! I can't remember ever posting to this forum, so here goes a brief bio. After 31 years working just outside Washington D.C. as a Statistican and computer programmer, I retired in 2005. :gar-Bi I had always worked with my hands doing home remodeling, deck building...
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    Cordless Drill Help Needed

    I've got an 18-volt Dewalt NiCad Drill/Driver that is about 4-5 years old. My batteries have not been taking a solid charge recently - Is there any way to tell (other than buying new ones) whether it's the batteries or the charger? If it's the charger then I would buy a new one - if it's the...
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    [How Do I-Help Desk] How do I delete old posts with items for sale that have sold?

    How do I delete old posts with items for sale that have sold? Thanks, Mitch:BangHead:
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    I hope this is the right forum for this question... I have been looking at the BeadLock jig sold by Rockler to form loose tenons in some large frame and panel pieces I'll be making. I look at the BeadLock as a poor-man's Domino. Although the "pro" jig and accessories for 1/2" tenons as well as...
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    [How Do I-Help Desk] Thread Excerpts

    Status: Entered Assigned To:: Unassigned ===================================== Is there any way to lengthen the time the small blurb sits on the screen when one "mouses over" a thread topic? I rarely have time to finish reading the entire excerpt before it disappears. Steve Coles has told me...
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    Drilling a simple little hole

    How would you drill a simple hole straight and centered on the end of a 7' 4x4 post? Going to be a bed post. Hole is for the finial. Have thought about about it and can't come up with a solution. No lathe available and I am not sure a 7' post would even fit on all but the longest ones...
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    Devilbiss HVLP Sprayer

    Does anyone have any experience with the Devilbiss Finishline III HVLP sprayer? I’ve just started my research and this gun is one on my list to consider. If you have another spray gun to recommend that would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance. Mitch Trager
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    Advice & Suggestions Please

    I have recently retired after 31 years working as a Statistician. My hobby during the latter 10 years was woodworking - specifically furniture making. Now I would like to turn the hobby into a small business. We retired to new city and I do not have any contacts, etc . My question is how does...
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    Spray gun

    I am looking for a HVLP or LVLP gun to run off of a compressor. I've looked at SATA but their guns are quite expensive. Any suggestions for a decent gun a bit lower in price? Also, can these guns spray the typical WW finishes as well as Latex Paint? Thanks, Mitch
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    Lacquer over Oil/Poly mix?

    Is it OK to spray Lacquer (from a can) over an oil/poly mix first coat? I have very little experience with Lacquer and when it is appropriate to use. Thanks in advance, Mitch
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    Stripping Bark

    I am looking to make some rustic furniture with the bases made from branches. Are there any secrets or techniques to stripping the bark? Thanks in advance,
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    Looking for 10/4 or 12/4 Curly Cherry and Mahogany

    Hi: Does anyone know where I can get 10/4 or 12/4 Curly Cherry and Mahogany? I live in Asheville but I expect I will have to travel to find this. Any leads would sure be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Cutting Tenons

    Probably asked a thousand times and I know there's no one answer. But what is your preferred method of cutting tenons - on the tablesaw, router table, bandsaw, other. I have a bunch to cut and am looking for advice. These particular tenons are offset - i.e., not centered on the end. Thanks...
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    Assembly Table

    Hi: I am setting up my new shop and have begun to think about an assembly table. I would prefer to have one that adjusts in height. Any ideas along these lines would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Snaplock Pipe

    I am getting ready to install my new Oneida Super Dust Gorilla and was wondering where folks suggest purchasing the metal ductwork and fittings. Of course Oneida sells them but they have just raised their prices and seem a bit high. Is there anyone else to consider? Local or thereabouts would...
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    Moving to curved front work

    I am what I'd call an intermediate level (assuming there is a way to measure) woodworker. I've made a pencil post bed, my dining room set and a number of boxes and such. I'd like to try my hand at curved front furniture but what has always daunted me is cutting dovetails and M & T's on curved...
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    Simple French Cleat Question

    I am putting together my shop and have a simple question that I am sure has many correct answes. I have 8' ceilings and was wondering what heights to mount French Cleats - haven't decided on 1 or 2 horizontal strips. I am sure many before have thought about this and decided on what seems like...
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    Airlocker Pin Nailer

    Does anyone have experience with the Airlocker brand of Pin Nailer. It can be had for about $60 from It is quite a bit less expensive than the name brand ones and I was wondering if it is a purchase I will soon regret. Thanks.

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