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  1. Opensightryan

    Jointer,planer, shaper (jointer sold)

    Jointer SOLD A NCWW member has given me their word that they'll be buying the jointer.
  2. Opensightryan

    Rockwell 34-395 TS

    This is an awesome saw from when rockwell still made real tools. There are three freud blades, the fusion and the silver one we're repaired and sharpened at carbide saw in highpoint. Also if you're worried about loading, it may be in my basement but it's a drive in basement and I have a skid...
  3. Opensightryan

    Jointer,planer, shaper (jointer sold)

    If it will help someone make up their mind I'll take $50 off each machine. If your worried about loading, they may be in my basement but it's a drive in basement and I have a skid steer with pallet forks. Please help me from having to sell on FB marketplace.
  4. Opensightryan

    Jointer,planer, shaper (jointer sold)

    Just realized I posted in the wrong section
  5. Opensightryan

    Jointer,planer, shaper (jointer sold)

    As mentioned in my TS post I have 3 more pieces I'm willing to part with. Jet 6" jointer $450 ****SOLD**** Delta believe it's a DC- 33 planer $500 Comes with multiple knife set up jigs and an extra sharp set of knives And a delta 43-375 shaper $550
  6. Opensightryan

    Rockwell 34-395 TS

    It's finally time for me to part ways with some equipment. I need space in my basement shop and I want to start woodworking tools instead of collecting the tools. This was my first cabinet saw I bought it from App State industrial arts department. It has some light rust on the top and some...
  7. Opensightryan

    What am I doing wrong (2 part problem)

    Thanks guys.
  8. Opensightryan

    What am I doing wrong (2 part problem)

    I finally got it flat. Then I sharpened it again and stroped it. And it shaves hair, and red oak. I'm not much on the hand tools, I just started and I am really enjoying them but I'm pretty poor with their use. Mike I would like to take you up on your offer, and stop by one day maybe you...
  9. Opensightryan

    What am I doing wrong (2 part problem)

    I have that corner is low. It just a patience problem I guess but I'm still baffled by why the coarse stone is not cutting all that well.
  10. Opensightryan

    What am I doing wrong (2 part problem)

    I have been trying to flatten the back of this iron for what seems like a couple of days in total, and I cant get this corner straightened out. Its from a new Stanley Sweetheart low angel jack and is as marked A2 steel. I am using DMT dia-sharp stones. I have coarse, fine, extra fine. I have...
  11. Opensightryan


    Be careful with Spaceballs their known to steal air. ( I hate myself for that)
  12. Opensightryan

    First and most important skill in hand tool work

    I'm up for it. I hate to make it conditional but I'm starting a new job with Duke energy on June 18th. If they call I gotta go, also baby has those privileges.
  13. Opensightryan

    ISO opinions on Stanley 62 low angle jack plane

    I have it. I think I like it alot, I say I think because I have very little experience with hand planes. I will warn you finding a replacement blade for it is darn near impossible, I have 2 on order for about three months now. Grizzly has them but want between 20 and 30 bucks more for them than...
  14. Opensightryan

    Humor in CL ad? TS "in good condition" but look a little closer

    I believe the current word is vintage. That word at least doubles the price. I think I'll add it to my resume so I can ask for higher pay.
  15. Opensightryan

    Interest in a workshop?

    Sharpening, hand planes, anything really.
  16. Opensightryan

    Formica sheets?

    You can order the Formica sheets at HD and have them sent to the store free.
  17. Opensightryan

    Young woodworker essay

    Are you collecting tools for this. If so do you want vintage or are new ok, and is there a list of whats needed.
  18. Opensightryan

    Shop safety equipment

    I have simply safe you install it yourself and pay for monitoring month to month, it comes with a key chain remote that has a panic button. If you press it they will call you if you don't answer they'll call emergency services. I believe it's 14.99 a month for basic monitoring.

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