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  1. Bnance

    Chestnut or Oak

    Is this reclaimed chestnut or reclaimed oak?It was taken from a very old building and was used as a workshop table top.
  2. Bnance

    Reoccurring quote at bottom of a post.

    How to put a reoccurring quote at the bottom of a thread?
  3. Bnance

    Recently finished projects for family and friends.

    A pencil box using bloodwood and bird’s eye maple with a reversible top. Two crosses using bloodwood and wenge. The crosses have a sliding dovetail joint for attachment to a wall. Two paper weights using walnut with about one and one halve pounds of weights embedded in their centers. One with a...
  4. Bnance

    Companion cremation urn

    Just finished this cremation urn (480 cubic inches) with a maple top and cherry box with walnut keys.
  5. Bnance

    Completed projects

    Just finished anniversary boxes and file cabinet. Boxes are made from 5 woods and cabinet is made from cherry.
  6. Bnance

    DW 735 problem

    This morning my DW 735 was on with the on/off switch off. The machine was off when I left the shop yesterday. Has this happened to others?
  7. Bnance

    New from Advance, NC

    I Joined NCWW in December 2017 and enjoy the site. Hopefully, I will attend the spring picnic and maybe win one of those great prizes. Although, cleanup and finish remains, I wanted to share a pic of my current project— the attached anniversary boxes. The boxes are for three lovely ladies, one...
  8. Bnance

    Southern Magnolia lumber

    I am making surprise boxes for friends to celebrate 50 years of friendship. I am planning to use 5 different woods. I cannot find the Southern Magnolia Wood that I need. Any ideas?

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