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  1. golfdad

    Happy Birthday JohnnyR

    Happy BDay John.....great weather for a round of birthday golf
  2. golfdad

    Happy Birthday Douglas Robinson

    Happy Bday Doug
  3. golfdad

    Happy Birthday golfdad

    Thank to all you great folks
  4. golfdad

    Door Refinishing

    SW Pro Classic Gene....If you go that route pm and I will give you a thinning chart. You dont need to thin it much
  5. golfdad

    Table Saw Question

    One thingI want to bring out I purchased a Laguna Lathe last fall thru Klingspors. Laguna has top of the line Customer Service. I would definitely consider another laguna product.
  6. golfdad

    Church Pew

    Ty Martin. I never thought to look there
  7. golfdad

    Church Pew

    My daughter is looking for a small old church pew. If anyone has a lead on something like this please pm me.......Thankyou
  8. golfdad

    Router lift?

    Definitly go with Triton if you decide to purchase a dedicated table router
  9. golfdad

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Closed Sunday Feb 28th 2021 - All Locations

    Thankyou for letting everyone know
  10. golfdad

    Router lift?

    I do a fair amount of work on a router table and I do not have a router lift. Many of the good routers out there have easy adjustments and some also have through the table adjustments.
  11. golfdad

    Hello From Greensboro

    Welcome aboard Mike. Beautiful pieces and we look forward to your input
  12. golfdad

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch !

    Well said Bill
  13. golfdad

    Happy Birthday Mrfixit71

    Happy birthday Rich
  14. golfdad

    Recent Turnings

    always awesome....2nd one is my favorite....
  15. golfdad

    HVLP Gun Between Coats

    I have a similar system but mine is 3M
  16. golfdad

    Leftover DC parts sold

    Might work better with a motor...................
  17. golfdad

    Looking for my first lathe

    Steve check out the Laguna REVO 12/16. I bought one about 3 months ago. Great machine. Youcan also outboard turn up to 14”
  18. golfdad

    Happy student

    Great job to both of you!
  19. golfdad

    Need help from someone with a thickness sander

    Im in Clayton if you cant find anyone closer

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