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  1. Jeremy Scuteri

    A pair of dulcimers

    Nice work, they look great.
  2. Jeremy Scuteri

    Hello From Greensboro

    Welcome to the group.
  3. Jeremy Scuteri

    Grandfather clock with shelves.

    Looks good Berta
  4. Jeremy Scuteri

    DIY countertop

    Looking forward to seeing the progress and final pics. It's funny how QSWO gets so much attention, but it seems that nobody ever talks about Quarter Sawn Cherry when cherry has nice ray flecks as well.
  5. Jeremy Scuteri

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Sorry to hear about this, I hope you have a speedy recovery Mike.
  6. Jeremy Scuteri

    Post Covid Workshop - List attached - SOLD OUT

    I'd like to be added to the waiting list. Thanks.
  7. Jeremy Scuteri

    sanding shellac question

    That has always been my experience sanding shellac, the paper corns up in a hurry no matter how long I let it dry. Phil held a spray finishing class and we sprayed lacquer, I was amazed how it powdered up when being sanded less than an hour after spraying.
  8. Jeremy Scuteri

    Bridge City Angle master 1

    Is this the tool?
  9. Jeremy Scuteri

    Intro from the shop

    Welcome to the group.
  10. Jeremy Scuteri

    Latest Turnings

    Very nice! I also like the 3D effect on the 1st one.
  11. Jeremy Scuteri

    Rustic cedar kitchen island

    Looks great Tim. Looks real professional, could be the piece in a magazine that someone is building for their kid (as opposed to the other way around). Nice work.
  12. Jeremy Scuteri

    Supermax dual drum sander conveyor tracking

    It's interesting that it tracks fine until you start sanding. It makes me wonder if one of the rollers isn't secured and is moving once there is a force applied to it from the wood being sanded.
  13. Jeremy Scuteri

    Craftsman 22116 - Sagging Left Wing

    This is what you want to do (as said by others). It still looks like you have shims above the bolts, maybe you don't. Maybe this will help make it more clear.
  14. Jeremy Scuteri

    Grandfather Clock / Tall Case Clock Project

    Looks great. I see the Greene and Greene cloud lifts in there too.
  15. Jeremy Scuteri

    Dresser-Bed Complete

  16. Jeremy Scuteri

    An Aggravating Project - But It's Done!

    Nice work Donn. Funny how the "simple" things can turn out to be anything but. What did your jig look like to do internal measurements? Maybe some kind of shop made bar gauge like this:
  17. Jeremy Scuteri

    Cherry chest

    Looks great!
  18. Jeremy Scuteri

    Mini-split installation

    I looked into a mini-split a while back, the cost of installation was outrageous, thousands of dollars. I would strongly consider DIY if you at all feel comfortable with it. As has already been stated, professional install is not a guarantee that it will be done perfectly and without issues.
  19. Jeremy Scuteri

    Latest Turnings

    Looks great Charlie!

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