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  1. FlyingRon


    Yes, it takes five posts to be able to get to from NewUser to the next level "User" which is what you need to post in the forums. Apparenlty, jclrk managed to achieve that on Jan 27. In addition, the "promotion" to the next level only takes place in the middle of the night, so it takes a...
  2. FlyingRon

    Does anyone have one 3m n95 mask I can buy from you?

    The Lowe's here in Troutman has N95's periodically of late. I was also able to buy them on ULINE.
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  4. FlyingRon

    Battery Powered Chainsaws

    My wife has a JawSaw that she really likes. It's impossible to kick back and you have to hold it with both hands so it's hard to be unsafe with it.
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  6. FlyingRon

    Virtual Raffle Drawing

    Join NCWW as we stream our annual raffle drawing for 2020. Prizes will be drawn from the smallest retail value to the largest value. You do not have to participate in the meeting to win a prize, we will notify winners via the email address provided when the ticket was purchased. Information on...
  7. FlyingRon

    Letter from a fan

    We received the following letter from Carolyn Remaklus via the admin email box. Good job to all those who worked on the Angel project! Thank you Dear members of NCWoodworker. I am one of the recipients of your angels you gifted to hospital workers. I work at UNC REX Hospital. I look at my...
  8. FlyingRon

    HVLP Spraying

    If you're going to shoot small amounts and/or change the colors/material a lot, you want the gravity gun. The suctions take longer to clean but are usually larger and their guns are easier to hold for large projects.
  9. FlyingRon

    Forstner labels

    I have one set of sockets and wrenches that have nice large, high contrast numbers on them. I've never understood why that isn't more common.
  10. FlyingRon

    You can only choose 3.

    I had a 6" jointer for a while but I sold it for the Jet 12" joiner/planer combo (my old planer was junk, but it was given to me). It triggered a jointer trickledown in my neighborhood. I sold the jointer to my neighbor for what I paid for it (I bought it used) and he sold his old 4"...
  11. FlyingRon

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    When they said they wanted to use that side of the balcony, I was thinking, hey it's plenty wide (about four feet). I forgot to account for the roof overhang. The deck on the other side is about 20 feet wide (that's how they craned the granite in for that room). If I had been smart, I'd...
  12. FlyingRon

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    Ouch. I was really nervous when we moved my C5 to its new home:
  13. FlyingRon

    Two FREE Cabinets - Gone to a good home!!

    You can always take them to one of the Habitat Restores. There's one in Denver in the Westport shopping center next to Food Lion. They're unattended frequently these days, but they've got a designated drop off place around the left side of the store.
  14. FlyingRon

    Great use for an old piano. Not mine.

    For less than the price of a good tuning hammer, you can get a bit that chucks in a drill that will make quick work of unwinding the pins.
  15. FlyingRon

    Fun with epoxy

    Don't mind me... just testing attachments.
  16. FlyingRon

    Fun with epoxy

    The countertop looks great, Margy's very happy. Essentially, it looks like shiny 2x4's. Some lessons learned: Put better light in the room. This room is fairly dark (the camera makes it look brighter than it is. The only light comes from the open door and a small light fixture. Almost...
  17. FlyingRon

    Fun with epoxy

    My neighbor ripped out his kitchen so I spent a few days relocating the junk cabinets into Margy's garden shed. As it didn't come with a countertop, I just got a dozen two by fours, ran them through the jointer and glued them up. While I was poking around Lowe's looking for something to finish...
  18. FlyingRon

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    I pretty much wear my New Balance velco-strap walkers (my wife says she's married to the worlds oldest two year old who can't tie his shoes).
  19. FlyingRon

    ISO tires for my 14" band saw

    Not too long after I got my ancient Grizzley saw, I purchased a bunch of things from the Carter people including their urethane tires, and a couple of their different blade guide thingies. Haven't had a problem.
  20. FlyingRon

    Brief Downtime tonight

    Not that I know of. It's just a maintenance upgrade, various bug fixes and some security issues. If all goes well, you won't even know I've done it.

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