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  1. golfdad

    Church Pew

    My daughter is looking for a small old church pew. If anyone has a lead on something like this please pm me.......Thankyou
  2. golfdad

    Helical Cutter Head

    Has anyone purchased the Helical cutter head from Grizzly for the Dewalt 735? If so can you give pro’s and con’s.
  3. golfdad

    A job well done

    Another fantastic job by my friend Michael Matthews
  4. golfdad

    2" Pine slab needed

    I need a 2" slice from a pine log thats about 10-12 in dia. Need it for a small table top
  5. golfdad

    Side Work

    Folks I had a call from a gentleman in N Raleigh. Needs a side of his shutter refabricated. . Any one interested please PM me and I will pass you his info. I do not have time right now. Thanks
  6. golfdad

    Walnut Cookie

    I am looking for walnut cookie atoind 2" thick in the 10-12 diameter range. Please PM me if you have one available
  7. golfdad

    Help Needed

    Folks we've had a setback here at our house. My wife Theresa was diagnosed on Tues with lung cancer. Hopefully they have caught it early enough. In the the process of doing all the testing and will meet with oncologist later next week. If believe in prayer please pray for her.
  8. golfdad

    Maple Bowl

    This is more figure and color than I have ever seen in a piece of maple
  9. golfdad

    Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at NCWW. Safe travels to all and good times spent with family
  10. golfdad

    Dewalt Scroll Saw stand

    Free to a good home. Can be picked up in Clayton or at Extravaganza next weekend
  11. golfdad

    Router issues

    Folks I had a Ridgid trim router get hung up yesterday. Little burning smell by the time I got it shut off. Now it will not run. Could it be just brushes that got burned out or is it more likely a burnt motor ?
  12. golfdad

    Triad Shop Crawl

    The crawl did take place yesterday with great success. Thanks to Jermey and family for opening up there home for us to have a great lunch. We saw some great shops all different and fit to please there owners. The fellowship was also a big plus. Thanks to all who opened there spaces up for a...
  13. golfdad

    Undermount sink

    My daughter would like an undermount sink in her laundry room which will have butcher block counter top. Any harm in this idea?
  14. golfdad

    Planer Wanted

    Looking for a used 12” portable planer
  15. golfdad

    Turning at its Finest
  16. golfdad

    Woodworking at the State Fair

    Had some time today and went out to the State Fair. We were well represented with Klingspors Paul Wolfe doing some carving in the Village of Yesteryear. Also spent some time watching our member Stuart Kent doing wood turning demo"s . Brought a great setup for folks to give turning a try. If...
  17. golfdad

    Hurricane relief

    As everyone knows our state tooka huge hit from Hurricane Flo along with SC. WE can not all go to the areas that are in need but we can help with donations. If you are able please help out one of the agencies involved by a monetary donation . Red Cross ....Salvation Army along with many...
  18. golfdad

    2018 Klingspor Extravaganza

    Folks we are quickly approaching another Exstravaganza weekend. The date is Oct 26-27. We would love to have an abundance of volunteers this year along with some demos. If you are interested in demoing your skill please let us know. If you are interested in volunteering it can be a few hours or...
  19. golfdad

    6” PVC pipe and fittings.

    I have roughly 30ft of 6” PVC along with an assortment of fittings. This makes great runs for DC system and it is free if you can use it. :eusa_danc Shoot me a PM or an email if you can use this
  20. golfdad

    Kiawanis Kids Aprreciation Day

    Folks we have beenreinvited to the Kids Appreciation DayIn Holly Springs,Nc for I belive the 4th year. This is a huge event for the kids and some of the parents even in the SE Raleigh area and a great honor for us to be Invited back. Last year we sort of let them down as we only had 3 of us...

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