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    Nursery Dresser Build **Completed**

    Re: Nursery Dresser Build Looks fantastic Bromley! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter - its truly the most wonderful life changing event!
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    Baseline Skills Workshop signup - Raleigh - July 28

    Im wearing a blue t-shirt, green shorts, and a maroon ball cap.
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    Baseline Skills Workshop signup - Raleigh - July 28

    The class was well worth the trip down from Richmond and I'd gladly do it again. A wealth of good information and practical experience and it was good to meet some fellow woodworkers and put some faces to names. Many thanks to Phil for holding this class in his workshop and sharing his wealth of...
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    Ray Pine woodworker at school in Virginia

    Thank you for posting Dan - not too far from Richmond so I definitely plan on taking advantage of some of these classes.
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    Baseline Skills Workshop signup - Raleigh - July 28

    Hello Phil - please put me in the last stand-by slot. I'd love to attend if a space opens up! Thanks for offering the class for an unbeatable price!
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    I've never had any training in wood work.

    Mike - I absolutely appreciate the offers by members to share their knowledge, particularly in the form of hands-on workshops. I was not personally offended by your advice - to the contrary I welcome it. Unfortunately it isn't uncommon to hear someone somewhere today taking advice as criticism...
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    I've never had any training in wood work.

    Whew!!! I thought for a second that I had passed completely out of the young whippersnapper phase of life without even knowing it!
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    I've never had any training in wood work.

    Although it sounds as though Im in the 'older' demographic at 44, my reasons for not being able to attend a workshop are the same as many of the others who have offered them: distance (Im in Richmond, VA) and time (I have 2 daughters, 2 and 4 and a wife who all get my attention first and...
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    Found a Critter

    Looks terrific and a beautiful save! In case you are interested, you found what appears to be an Ivory Marked beetle (Eburia quadrigeminata), a species which is known to burrow into hardwoods during the larval stage, both while the tree is growing and while the rough cut lumber is stacked at a...
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    Looking for an accurate stud finder

    I use the Franklin ProSensor 710. Its about double the price of most other stud finders but it works well imo.
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    Dust Collection questions

    Thanks Jeremy - Ive visited the Bill Pentz website on multiple occasions (and have it bookmarked) but I think you really hit the nail on the head when you said what you said about contradictory and incomplete information. After awhile, it becomes difficult to sort the useful information from...
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    Dust Collection questions

    Thank you for the terrific information and all of the considerations for installing an efficient DC system! Just thinking about the physics, it would seem that fine dust particles would easily become airborne and remain aloft for quite some time, even without much air circulation in the room. As...
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    New Sawstop Professional 3hp first impressions

    Hi Pete - Congratulations on the saw! I'd also be curious to know specifically which measurements you took, the instruments required to take those measurements, and how you ultimately adjusted your saw. Also - how are you set up for dust collection with your PCS? Thanks!
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    New Hokie in Raleigh

    Welcome and Go Hokies indeed!!!!
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    Cutting Aluminum Question

    If you happen to use sodium hydroxide (see Mark's post) to dissolve the aluminum from the bits, be sure to also wear rubber gloves and protective clothing in addition to the eye protection. Sodium hydroxide is a caustic base and will cause severe chemical burns upon direct contact with skin (not...
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    Jet Dust Collector DC1100C

    Thanks Ken - Id seen that post on Lumberjocks too (perhaps I should have prefaced my initial post with that :)). Seems like that deal was a pretty good one. Not even close to what Adam got - a fantastic bargain (hope that was the subject of a gloat post when you got it)!!! I've traded some texts...
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    Jet Dust Collector DC1100C

    Found this for sale on CL: Asking $400 for the DC (with Dust Dog canister filter). Is this a fair price? Hoping to move quickly on it if it is as the good deals are gone in the blink of an eye usually! Thanks! John
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    Probably a little too far for most of y'all tot travel but this may be a good deal for a 6" Powermatic jointer. Thoughts?
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    Workshop Design

    Thanks for the advice about the TTW units - hadn't really given them much consideration until you mentioned them. Insulation also seems to be a fairly uniform piece of advice so that will likely be my first step while im playing around with the scale drawing. I do plan on investing in a decent...
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    Workshop Design

    This may belong under a new thread but since they were mentioned in this one Ill take the risk and ask for forgiveness afterwards if needed :D. Several of you have mentioned mini-split HVAC systems for a garage workshop, something I'm keenly interested in both for comfort and to help combat...

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