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    Jet Dust Collector DC1100C

    Found this for sale on CL: Asking $400 for the DC (with Dust Dog canister filter). Is this a fair price? Hoping to move quickly on it if it is as the good deals are gone in the blink of an eye usually! Thanks! John
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    Probably a little too far for most of y'all tot travel but this may be a good deal for a 6" Powermatic jointer. Thoughts?
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    Workshop Design

    Hi all! Im slowly starting to plan my garage workshop but am pretty confused about where to start. To give a bit of background, Im setting up in a 2 car attached garage (my wife has graciously conceded nearly the entire space for use as my workshop with the promise of projects completed to come...
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    Hello all!

    Good afternoon all, I'm excited to have just joined this forum! I currently have very little wood working experience (~1 year) but do have a very healthy interest in woodworking as a hobby (mainly furniture, built ins and a treehouse/play house for my daughters). I've taken several classes at...

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