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  1. Opensightryan

    Jointer,planer, shaper (jointer sold)

    As mentioned in my TS post I have 3 more pieces I'm willing to part with. Jet 6" jointer $450 ****SOLD**** Delta believe it's a DC- 33 planer $500 Comes with multiple knife set up jigs and an extra sharp set of knives And a delta 43-375 shaper $550
  2. Opensightryan

    Rockwell 34-395 TS

    It's finally time for me to part ways with some equipment. I need space in my basement shop and I want to start woodworking tools instead of collecting the tools. This was my first cabinet saw I bought it from App State industrial arts department. It has some light rust on the top and some...
  3. Opensightryan

    What am I doing wrong (2 part problem)

    I have been trying to flatten the back of this iron for what seems like a couple of days in total, and I cant get this corner straightened out. Its from a new Stanley Sweetheart low angel jack and is as marked A2 steel. I am using DMT dia-sharp stones. I have coarse, fine, extra fine. I have...
  4. Opensightryan

    Classes at Sawtooth Center in Winston-Salem

    I was wondering if anyone here has taken any classes at the Sawtooth center and what they thought of them? There not really cheap but might be worth it. I was thinking about taking this one Thanks
  5. Opensightryan

    Portable tabletop vise

    For sometime I've wanted to learn how to hand cut dovetails and practice using hand tools. This gets me one step closer. It's a vise that uses pipe clamps. Nothing special really but it'll give me the chance to learn some hand tool skills while I'm not in my shop. Just throw it on a table top...
  6. Opensightryan

    New stanley bailey planes

    I was wondering if anyone has used or looked at the new stanley bailey planes. I am looking to get my first planes and at the price point they are attractive. I don't know what to look for in a plane to see if it's worth getting. I would invite recommendations for new planes that would represent...
  7. Opensightryan

    Free: Walnut and Cedar Stumps

    About two years ago I cut down a few walnuts and cedar trees for someone and he wanted the stumps low to the ground so I obliged. I of course had big plans on using them for some kind of awesome project that as you would guess never really got started (I'm sure I'm the only one this happens...
  8. Opensightryan

    Home depot has bessey 50" k-body 39.97

    On the HD website they have 50" K-body clamps for 39.97. I think that's a pretty good deal. I already ordered 6. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Opensightryan

    Matching stain on stair treads

    I am currently trying to match the stain on the treads I just put down in my house. Here's what's going on: 1. I decided to prefinish the stair treads before I put them down. I used rustolum classic cherry oil based from lowes btw with oil based poly on top. 2. I countersunk screws and pegged...
  10. Opensightryan

    Klingspor winston-salem

    As some of you guys might have seen in one of my threads I was trying to decide on two bandsaws. As part of that debate I decided to go down and check out one at the Winston location. I meant to go only to look but I was treated very well and had them show me around the rikon 10-325 a little...
  11. Opensightryan

    Rikon 10-325 vs. Grizzly G0513anv, and Grizzly jointer/planer vs. Singles

    I'm looking to transition to larger equipment. 1. In the bandsaw department I have an old craftsman that was given to me and it has no resaw capacity to speak of. I was looking at the rikon 10-325 and the grizzly g0513anv and can't really decide. The rikon is going on sale 699 and the...
  12. Opensightryan

    Hey From King

    Just got started but have loved woodworking all my life. I have done a little of everything, and have a machining background. I currently am building my families house (log cabin). I have an older rockwell 12/14 table saw, a 6" jet jointer, a dc33 planer, a delta shaper, 19-38 drum sander, and...
  13. Opensightryan

    Grizzly 10% coupon

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew where grizzly was posting their 10% coupon. I have a subscription to wood mag. and haven't seen it and both my catalogs don't have one. So if anyone knows where to look or if you have one that you don't mind me using it would be appreciated. BTW I believe...

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