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    Sometimes the tool is the project

    I'd been planning to order grizzly's new 22" lathe, but checked craigslist one last time before calling to order. And lo and behold, there was a 1960s Oliver No 20a Patternmakers lathe. I'd missed one a month or two ago for around $1200 and had been somewhat regretting it. Since there was no...
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    Finishing up my second CNC

    About two months later than I'd originally intended, but I'm finally pretty much done with this new CNC router. My first one was an all MDF build (heck of a lot cheaper than metal, and could always reuse the movement parts on a metal build), about 3'x4' cut area. Definitely a usable machine...
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    Blowing Leaves

    I’d had the idea for this one bouncing around for most the past year, finally got around to it this December. Originally I was thinking I might try taking it to a local store to sell, but it had a few more flaws than I was happy with for that situation, and I had no other ideas for my mother’s...
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    marking gauge

    Dad's been slowly setting up a basic shop in his garage, mostly from my hand-me-downs as I upgraded to industrial sized stuff, and recently decided he needed a marking gauge. Since I had no better ideas for him for Christmas, figured might as well make one. Of course, since I had to order some...
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    Walnut and Wenge Recurve bow

    Finished this one up this past weekend, it'll ship out to a friend over in the Netherlands once I get the case for it built. Curly English Walnut and Wenge wasn't a wood choice I'd have picked my, but it turned out to be a great mix. Draws about 40# @ 28". Riser profile was cut on the bandsaw...
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    Labyrinth Box

    The past month, Baileigh Industrial has been running a contest over at Sawmill Creek, where you had to build a box incorporating their logo. I'd had this general box idea bouncing around my head for a few months, so decided to use the contest as impetuous to actually build the box and see if I...
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    April's New Member Chat beginning momentarily

    Hey all, April's New Member Chat is scheduled to begin at 8pm this evening. Berta and I are already in the chat so feel free to join in (click the chat button on the menu bar above)! While these are mostly scheduled for the new people, everyone is welcome to join in; we usually end up...
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    Jorgenson parallel clamps - 24" @ $22, 36" @ $28, 48" @ $32 has the Jorgenson Cabinet Master parallel clamps on sale for $13 off the regular prices here. Of course, there's no Menards even remotely close by, so I called up Home Depot and asked for a price match on the Menard's price. The first rep tried to insist they don't match sale...

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