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    Woodshop Preference

    My shop is 12 x 27, shed roof 8 one side, 10 on the other, built on a cement slab, T12 tubes for lighting end to end on center of ceiling, insulated, but at present not heated. Size was limited by space available, but more space than I ever had in the past. Would I like more space, sure, but I...
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    Dealing with Rotting Door Jamb

    Doors can be a bit of a pain to get set in the rough opening, not impossible, more big and heavy. The last exterior door I hung was about 350 so keep the material cost of your door in mind. Difficult part is getting everything lined up where it seals well, helps using screws so that you can make...
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    Change comes with time

    Too late to be of any benefit, but Lowes carries replacement ballasts and bulbs, after 10 or 12 years use I had to replace the ballasts in mine last year, seems like the replacement was about $25, like yourself I figure I’m blessed to still be able to play in the shop, Jim
  4. J

    Tool of the past or is a radial arm saw awesome?

    My first RAS (Craftsman) was purchased around 1970, used one ever since, I suppose I’m odd as I feel safer with it than the table saw for ripping, of course got to remember to rip from correct side. I have a long table with saw in center for ripping
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    I got such an email, but didn’t follow, too much spam out there these days, but still easier to ignore than ROBO calls on the phone
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    New Member from Boone

    Thanks, dad’s family spent summers in the area and he attended Lees-McRea in the 20’s, we started visiting in the 60’s and came to stay in 91
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    Cover for Drain Pipe

    Looks good to me, if pocket screws, probably just a 1x on rear, connect to shelves with a 1x and that gives you something to attach to cabinet. Dowels sound like a plan, currently working on attaching parts of a china cabinet in that manner to make transport easier
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    New Member from Boone

    Thanks all for the welcome
  9. J

    Cover for Drain Pipe

    Truthfully whatever is handy would work, 2x4 - 2x8, 1xSomething would work, all sort of depends on tools and what is comfortable to you. My preference today would be 1x4 or 3/4 plywood and assemble with Kreg screws and glue, yet in the past I lacked tools and my go to would have been hammer and...
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    New Member from Boone

    Hi folks, have visited and read the forum for several years, figured I should sign up. Retired from a weekday job, but operate a small/tiny lodging business, when time allows I play in my shop to create projects for me or family. I learn by doing, work more from a vision than a plan, maybe I’d...
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    Cover for Drain Pipe

    Random suggestions, a normal cabinet is not going to slide in the space due to drain pipes Suggest a upright board at rear and front of space connected by a heavy bit of framing lumber front to back at the bottom to give it a little weight. You will probably need to build in place due to...

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