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  1. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    I recently bought a new (to me) desk for my office. It's in pretty good shape for a used piece, but there is one thing I need to address before putting it in place. The previous owner mounted something to the side of the desk leaving four holes in the veneer. I have a few ideas on how to...
  2. cobraguy

    Desk Refinishing Recommendation - ALKAT?

    I mentioned my basement study re-work in DSWalker’s question to the group on what everyone was doing this wet weekend. Well, the end is in sight (only baseboards left to install) and I will be out of the storage room and back in my study with windows again. YEAH!! LOML granted...
  3. cobraguy

    Not a Tool Tote

    When Phil S provided a chunk of cedar for us to learn/practice resawing, planing and jointing a few weeks ago in the Basic Skills workshop, his intent was for everyone to walk away with a good start on a tool tote. Fast forward and when I went to use the resawn boards, all four had cupped due to...
  4. cobraguy

    New Guy in Lee County

    Been piddling around off and on for about 30 years. I'm finally setting up a shop in the basement to get after finishing some of the details around the house. Also slowly relocating tools (power and hand) from my dad's shop over in Sampson County. Looking forward to turning noise into saw...

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