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    Two more questions

    I mostly agree with Raymond. Instead of adding a dowel, though, I would drill a hole about 1/2 in. in diameter through the door just to the inside face of the inner skin. Then fill the hole with epoxy thickened with fumed silica. After it has cured, drill and tap the epoxy for a machine screw to...
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    Wall mounted clamp rack designs

    You know what they say. You can never have too many clamps.
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    Wall mounted clamp rack designs

    You guys have such fancy clamp racks. For my pipe clamps I just have a 2x4 with notches cut in it. For the bar clamps I hang them from the pin in the tail of the bar on a plywood shelf with notches cut so it looks like a comb. All my racks were made out of scraps with as little cutting as I...
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    Good idea. I'd need a whole bunch of other stuff to haul up there, too. :D
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    Thank you, sir. Thanks for your help, too. Thanks Hank. I'm glad it makes sense.
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    Cupola plans?

    A friend of mine just built one for the roof of his shop. I could ask him if he would share the plan. You'll likely need to modify it to fit your copper. He had a new copper top made for his.
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    The plan, I hope.
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    Pop-Pop's Dumbbell-Screw Moxon Vise V1.0

    Pop-Pop's Dumbbell-Screw Moxon Vise
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    How to Add a PDF File in Resources

    I've done this before but today it doesn't work. I'm trying to upload a PDF to the Resources area. I initially get a place to upload the attachment but it doesn't show when I finalize the resource. I tried attaching it in another location in the Resources edit window but get a message that the...
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    3D printer for the woodshop

    I've thought about getting one. I keep looking at them but every time I think I've decided on one, a different one pops up that catches my attention. I have made a number of models for 3D printing for others.
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    This thing isn't that big so reaching around the back wouldn't be that difficult. I guess this works well for the OP. You could make it so the screws are tightened from the front, I suppose. You could thru-drill the front chop and add some sort of knobs on the end of the screws. Then secure the...
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    Hank, that's the rear chop in my model, too. The screws also extend only out the back like Pop-Pop's. The view is from the rear because it shows much more detail than viewing from the front. It doesn't really look at that difficult to me other than cutting the dumbbell scree in half and cross...
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    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    Pending pop-pop's approval, I'll upload a PDF of a plan with full size patterns for the chops for his Dumbbell Screw Moxon Vise to the Resources section.
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    Game table project

    Very nice work. Good job. And thank you for showing it to us.
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    Plywood plank flooring for new shop?

    Like Dr. Bob, I'd put down full sheets of T&G plywood. Paint it with porch paint if you want to put something on it. I'd probably paint the edges while it's still stacked up so the seams aren't so noticeable. Then paint the rest of it with a roller on a broom handle.
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    Some have project plans in their head, some ......

    I feel your pain. So are you going to grind a little off the column so the top will fit? :D
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    Plans for the handicapped lathe stand

    In case anyone is interested, I uploaded the PDF for the lathe stand plan into the Plans section of Resources.
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    Accessible Mini Lathe Stand 2019-04-16

    Mini Lathe Stand
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    Burial Urn plans 2019-04-16

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    CAD Software of Choice

    It's interesting that there are so many Solidworks users reporting here. I looked into buying that a couple of years ago and the price was more than prohibitive. Much more than I have invested in all of the tools in my shop.

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