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  1. Hmerkle

    Window Rot Repair UPDATE

    The finished job looks great!
  2. Hmerkle

    Picking A New Riding Mower

    If you look at a John Deere - that is not true - the models are made in Greenville TN and the models are the same as the one you buy at a JD dealer... Now with that said there are models at the dealership that you cannot purchase at the big box store...
  3. Hmerkle

    What kind of tree is this?

    Is it bad that that was the answer in my head?
  4. Hmerkle

    Klingspor Abrasives Help Desk

    I think if Mike Z or anyone for that matter came up with that solution - we could fill our days with leisure!
  5. Hmerkle

    Wanted: 4x4x8 or 5x5x8 Rough textured Hemlock of Pine post

    maybe Scott Smith has something? Our Location -
  6. Hmerkle

    Klingspor Abrasives Help Desk

    New Link from Mike at Klingspor posted on Facebook - answers to your abrasive questions. (pretty cool!) Do you have a question about abrasives you'd like answered? We have started a help desk and would like to answer your questions! Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
  7. Hmerkle

    Sunburst table top series

    That is neat, but Dan you don't use PVA or cold press adhesive, you use hyde glue, right? Now what about edge banding - I am guessing you don't use iron-on banding. So, how would you do that?
  8. Hmerkle

    Commercial laser engraver in the Fuquay/Holly Springs area?

    Mark, Did you try (Brad) Vetteman9956? He used to do it - I think he still does?
  9. Hmerkle

    Hello from Raleigh

    Welcome Nick - you have begun to engage and as everyone will tell you that is the key to enjoying NCWW. While it is fun to lurk, almost everyone enjoys the interaction!
  10. Hmerkle

    Reaction time and Points?

    I belive they are embedded tools in Xenforo. Perhaps unnecessary, unless you use them to gauge engagement or other tracking purposes to encourage more or less of something! For example, what if we wanted to do away with a forum topic - how many times has someone gone there, what topics in a...
  11. Hmerkle

    Reaction time and Points?

    Jeff, Dan is talking about this: The system is keeping track of certain things. XenForo has a lot of "Back office" stuff. Ron or one of the other Admins would know how much or how little we are using currently and what we will do in the future...
  12. Hmerkle

    Goodwill Lathe

    Thanks - I will get a copy of the list and post it, then maybe have each receiver verify what they received...
  13. Hmerkle

    Goodwill Lathe

    Quite a while ago someone made a list of the goodwill lathe inventory. I searched for it in the resources, but did not find it. I searched a little in the forum threads (not too much) but it didn't pop to the top of the list... Whomever did that can you let me know and then send me the list...
  14. Hmerkle

    Well I did it wood.

    So you are thinking for some of us to buy it BEFORE you load it and ship it to Hawaii, right? (Hey, this is REALLY special Mahogany - it has been around the world, no, REALLY! ha ha)
  15. Hmerkle

    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    That is a GREAT tip right there - I have been able to drill into things a "regular" drill bit couldn't start(even starting small with the intention to increase in size to get to the right hole) Use a center drill, go deep enough to get a little chamfer and viola! no skating problems and the next...
  16. Hmerkle

    Well I did it wood.

    Oka - are you living in Charlotte now or in Hawaii?
  17. Hmerkle

    Compound angle dovetails!

    "... that box, it was one of great thought and his interpretation of what Tom Fidgen built" Yes, a few years ago I was looking at Tom's toolbox and I saw Shannon's and thought "THAT IS IT!" This was the mobile solution to doing small hand woodworking projects AND keeping tools at least somewhat...
  18. Hmerkle

    Compound angle dovetails!

    "As you can tell I didn't listen to Mike, and I enjoyed the challenge. " ha ha ha The beat of your own drummer or something like that? On a completely different tangent - I never wanted a tote - while I always wanted to build one - I don't see that your tools can stay organized in a "funnel"...
  19. Hmerkle

    South Carolina funeral home to honor unclaimed veteran

    I read that - "I have new NCWW bottoms" - the mental image was PRICELESS!!!!
  20. Hmerkle

    Yet another dumbbell screw Moxon vise

    It REALLY is nice and a clear and concise plan to go from! Thank you for sharing pop-pop and Dave for you excellent drawings!

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