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  1. MarkE

    Need to have a couple of slabs surfaced

    I am looking find someone that can surface a couple of slabs for me. The widest one is about 32". They are about 60" - 65" long.
  2. MarkE

    3-1/4 HP Variable Speed Router - $100

    This is an MLCS 9564 router motor. It is 3-1/4 HP with variable speed from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm. Get more details here: This router is for mounting in a router lift, no base is included for hand held work. The router...
  3. MarkE

    What to do with a Grand Prize that I cannot use.

    I am absolutely thrilled that my ticket number was drawn for the raffle grand prize, the Rikon 15" helical head planer. What an awesome machine, donated by our awesome sponsor Klingspor. Problem (for me) is, I already have a 20" Grizzly planer with helical head. Don't need or have room for 2...
  4. MarkE

    Some poplar on Raleigh CL

    Might be good for someone. Seller says boards need to be treated for insects.
  5. MarkE

    Festool sander hose adapter

    I have a Festool 5-in. sander that I want to use with a shop vac hang-ups vacuum. The shop vac has a standard 1-1/4" hose end and the Festool has a Festool dust port What adapter is anyone using to fit these two together? Don't really want to pay $27 (or more) for the Festool adapter.
  6. MarkE

    Another tool upgrade :-)

    This actually happened a while back. I took advantage of Klingspors black Friday sale to upgrade my Rikon 10-305 to the new Rikon 10-306. The 10-306 has a few new features. Motor is stepped up from 1/3hp to 1/2hp. It also has 2 cutting speeds vs one on the 10-305. Toolless blade guides...
  7. MarkE

    New addition to the shop

    A recent tool purchase. (Finally figured out how to take a properly sized picture for upload, or not) This is a Grizzly G1033X 20" planer with spiral cutter head. An upgrade from the Grizzly G0453PX 15" planer. I added the Wixey WR550 remote digital readout. Still in the process of...
  8. MarkE

    Anyone need some DC/Vacuum hoses?

    I have a whole cabinet full of various size hoses to give away. Various diameters from about 1" to 5" and different lengths. These are dust collection hoses from old power tools, shop vac hoses and a few sections of 4" and 5" flex hose. Some have connectors on the ends and some don't.
  9. MarkE

    Anyone want woodworking magazines?

    I have a large box of woodworking magazines to give away. Wood, Woodsmith, Shop Notes, Woodcraft, Popular Woodworking and a few others.
  10. MarkE

    Workshop flooring. How much weight can it support.

    I am getting a new 20" planer and wondering if I need to beef up the flooring in my shop. My current 15" planer is ~655 pounds, the new machine will be ~875 pounds. The 20" planer will be on a mobile base. My shop is on a crawl space with 3/4" Advantech flooring on 2x10 joists, 16 oc. There is...
  11. MarkE

    Looking for a Grizzly coupon

    I am considering a sizeable purchase from Grizzly so I thought I would ask if anyone has a coupon code that they do not need and would be willing to share. TIA
  12. MarkE

    How do I remove this bearing? (solved)

    Trying to replace the bearings on my planer cutter head. I was able to remove the one on the pulley end of the cutter head using a 3 jaw gear puller. The bearing on the other end is pressed into a recess in the gearbox case. The cutter head shaft goes through the case and seats into the...
  13. MarkE

    Dust collector vented outside. How do I trim/seal the vent hood on the outside of the shop?

    After spending another 3 hour session cleaning the filter on my Oneida DC, I decided to bite the bullet and eliminate the filter by venting outside. Got the whole thing done, except, I don't know the correct/best way to finish and/or seal where the vent hood mounts to the outside wall. The 8"...
  14. MarkE

    Picked up a Sargent 1080. Looking for cutters.

    Picked up this Sargent 1080 combination plane recently. It is in excellent condition and appears to have seen very little use. Unfortunately, it only came with a single cutter, which was/is installed in the plane. So, the hunt for a set of cutters has started. If anyone has a lead on a set...
  15. MarkE

    How do I fix this?

    Having a problem with my Grizzly G0453 15" planer. The key the holds the drive pulley in place on the motor shaft shifted. This happened once before and I 'fixed' it by replacing the damaged key with a longer one the I made from some stainless steel square stock I had in the shop. Pictures of...
  16. MarkE

    New tool gloat

    I have been collecting antique planes (and other woodworking tools) for a long time and recently decided to sell off some of my collections. One item that I was selling was a very nice Stanley No.2 smooth plane. Had a few inquiries, but no one ready to pull the trigger. Until a few days ago...
  17. MarkE

    What am I missing?

    Saw this ad on Raleigh CraigsList and it has me scratching my head. I guessed at a thickness of 3" and used the widest width mentioned (53"). 12 feet = 144". Seems like about 160 bd. ft. for $3,800. So like $23.75/bd-ft? What am I missing here...
  18. MarkE

    Anyone looking for some granite?

    On Raleigh Craigslist: Granite leftover from projects. Take ALL for $65. Make a table. - $65 (Raleigh) image 1 of 17...
  19. MarkE

    Jet cabinet saw on Raleigh CL Jet 3 HP Table Saw - $1500 (Rocky Mount) image 1 of 5 Like new Table Saw...
  20. MarkE

    Anyone looking to buy a SawStop? Check this from Klingspor Sawstop Floor Model w/Sliding XCut Table !SALE! - $3687 (Cary) Yes you...

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