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  1. Volksdad

    Dewalt DW735

    I’m having trouble with my 735 as well. Kind of similar to yours. Did you figure out what the problem is?
  2. Volksdad

    Roubo workbench complete.

    Beautiful bench. Love the grain, and how it pops.
  3. Volksdad

    Farm table build

    Thanks for sharing. Love the bowl to match. Excellent work.
  4. Volksdad

    Finished bench

    Looks beautiful! Good job!
  5. Volksdad

    Arts and Crafts Dresser project

    Wow! Amazing work. Great piece. Your workbench (in the photos) looked pretty nice too.
  6. Volksdad

    Finished up a side table

    Looks good! Nice work.
  7. Volksdad

    3/4” or 1” bench dogs holes?

    I exchanged my bit for a 3/4” one and found five blue nylon dogs for I think 6 or 7 bucks. I’m sure I could save a couple bucks making them but I think that’s pretty inexpensive. I have not drilled the holes yet because I redid my clamp rack. I’ll need the clamps to work neatly. The shop is...
  8. Volksdad

    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    Wow- I didn't know the hardwood store was that much less expensive! Good to know!
  9. Volksdad

    3/4” or 1” bench dogs holes?

    Thanks guys- especially to Dan for all the great pics. Like I said this is my first workbench- and I wasn’t sure about some details. Having never used dogs or a bench before, I was relying on some conflicting blogs on the net that argued about the strength of 3/4 dogs. Clearly there is no...
  10. Volksdad

    New Resident and Member in KNightdale

    Welcome! You’ll love it down here. (I moved from Brooklyn in 2003.) It is much warmer! +1 to Klingspor in Cary.
  11. Volksdad

    Did I show you

    Nice work!
  12. Volksdad

    3/4” or 1” bench dogs holes?

    Thanks Dennis, but My messy shop is a work in progress.... I am getting there, lol. I bought ash for the edge banding from Klingspor. I also bought some hard maple to make a vise. I have a lot of 14” long 3/4” thick stainless steel threaded rod along with the nuts and washers. My plan is to...
  13. Volksdad

    3/4” or 1” bench dogs holes?

    I am finishing up a new workbench made from 3 layers of 1” MDF. Does anyone have a suggestion on what width bench dog holes I should use?
  14. Volksdad

    Biscuit Thickness vs Biscuit Jointer Blade Kerf

    Charles: 1 no. The slot needs to be wider than the biscuit. When the joint is done it will be tight. The biscuit swells with the application of a water based glue. The pressure of the swollen biscuit along with the glue strength makes the strong joint. 2 it should be loose when dry and...
  15. Volksdad

    New Year giveaway

    Phil: Thanks for giving us all the chance to share in your generosity. I could use some mahogany crown or trim. I'm just interested in repurposing the wood for small projects- so I don't really need a specific amount or anything.
  16. Volksdad

    Need ideas on laying out a garage shop.

    I have finally enclosed my 10'x12' shed, so i am moving all the things in my garage out to store in the shed. I am looking for ideas on laying out a Garage shop, and thought some of you might be able to point me to some helpful articles or websites on the internet. If you know of any...
  17. Volksdad

    Makita 9.6v stick batteries

    Ace Hardware has OEM Makita... So does Amazon. I...
  18. Volksdad

    Happy Birthday Hank Merkle

    Belated Happy Birthday wished to you my friend. Hope it was great!
  19. Volksdad

    Getting back in the groove

    Awesome work Greg!

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