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  1. Jim M.

    Another 18th century jointer is born

    Very cool, Richard
  2. Jim M.

    Inspiration Point

    Wonderful detail, nice job.
  3. Jim M.

    What kind of tree is this?

    Red oak???
  4. Jim M.

    Salt Water Curing of Wood

    PM Kalai aka Chris, he's on the Big Island and a sawyer, he may know.
  5. Jim M.

    Identification help

    It's kind of funny, the first picture makes me think poplar, especially the dark grain color and pattern in the crotch, but the second looks more like pignut hickory because of the wood color and bark.
  6. Jim M.

    South Carolina funeral home to honor unclaimed veteran

    You guys are amazing...
  7. Jim M.

    Looking for unfinished wood houses

    Try these folks
  8. Jim M.

    Hello from Lake Norman

    Welcome Stephen!
  9. Jim M.

    Pouring pewter on Wood/Rifle

    Wow Dan, pretty cool!
  10. Jim M.

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    Congratulations, Stuart, hope I can pay a visit some time.
  11. Jim M.

    I Won!

    That's terrific Bruce!
  12. Jim M.

    An urn for a good man.

    Fred, you're truly a great Christian.
  13. Jim M.

    Winners of Board of Directors results

    Congratulations to our new board members. Thanks too to Mike, who has continued to move us forward and provided us with steady leadership.
  14. Jim M.

    Jewelry box

    Beautiful Dave, truly a labor of love making each niece a special box, what a great uncle you are.
  15. Jim M.

    Swivel counter stools

    Beautiful work so far, BTW when in the heck do you have time for all these projects!
  16. Jim M.

    Anyone know what this is?

    I think Jack may have nailed it. I remember seeing tools similar that used to pack oakum on Chesapeake workboats when I was a kid playing around in my uncle's boatyard.
  17. Jim M.

    Serving tray - Maple & Bubinga

    Very nice, Neal, the contrasting wood is a great detail.
  18. Jim M.

    Hello from Durham!

    Welcome Mitch, good looking projects.
  19. Jim M.

    Can I store wood under my shed?

    Why not try a test run? Rig something up to keep a couple of boards off the ground, check the moisture content, then place them under for a month or two. If the boards store the same moisture content or close to same, you're good to go. If not, you haven't invested too much into it.

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