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  1. Grimmy2016

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    For those needing links to some of our social channels. You can find them in the drop down menu in the nav.
  2. Grimmy2016

    Decent price ?

    What did you use to finish this table. I love that high gloss and might want to do something similar for a new desk
  3. Grimmy2016

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    @Henry W We do have Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. No Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat or Vimeo for now. :-D
  4. Grimmy2016

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    You can post items for sales on FB, or even use the FB marketplace for access to a larger audience.
  5. Grimmy2016

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a reminder to please check out our Facebook group, linked in the Social Media tab above, as we are seeing very quick growth. The group continues to have a lot of active engagement incouding: lots of discussions, questions, project sharing, requests for work to be...
  6. Grimmy2016

    The Step Stool Project

    If you add them to your gallery in a subfolder and let me know where that is, I can grab those.
  7. Grimmy2016

    The Step Stool Project

    I can also add this as an article on the .com part of our site as a new blog post. I may need to get hi res pics to assist. Thank you for loading to the resources section as well.
  8. Grimmy2016

    The Step Stool Project

    @build4fun fun Mind if we share this on our own social media pages such as FB, YT and Insta?
  9. Grimmy2016

    Not gonna buy this

    Split it down the crack and use it to do small cherry strips in a cutting board.
  10. Grimmy2016

    ShopBot Tools Training Certificate - free w/ donation to NCWW

    @chris_goris Maybe you can use this in conjunction with your need to learn your own CNC?!?!?!
  11. Grimmy2016

    Grizzly 'Build Your Shop' Sale 9/21 - 9/27

    Just in case you dont get these emails.
  12. Grimmy2016

    Bog wood
  13. Grimmy2016

    Dust collection in a small shop

    I just did my shop a few months back. 15x15 in size. I already had a HF 2hp system, so I took the motor, added a bigger impeller from Rikon, took the bag away and used a filter from ( ), along with a Super Dust deputy and a 35 gallon drum. Ran PVC piping throughout the room...
  14. Grimmy2016

    Beautiful black walnut lumber

    We need to make sure they get listed on our Wood Sawyers listing. Do you have a specific address you can share?
  15. Grimmy2016

    Advise for beginners

    invest in the best dust collection system you can reasonably afford. Woodworking is fun, but can have lasting health effects if you dont care of the air!
  16. Grimmy2016

    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    I dont see these for sale in the listings? Am I just missing it?
  17. Grimmy2016

    Adirondack Chairs

    Can you post plans? Both chairs look nice and the plans I had just were not working for my tastes/
  18. Grimmy2016

    Long Term Update On College

    @Wiley's Woodworks - I would love to learn about the business training aspects as I believe we should share that knowledge with the rest of our members as they endeavor to run businesses. Would you be interested in sharing through a video or in an article?
  19. Grimmy2016

    The death of my first friend, my dad

    My condolence to you and your family. May he RIP and you all find peace.

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