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    I’m not feeling woodworky... that the summer is kicking in. Last year, i devoted the summer to building TS jigs and other fixtures that would help during the real project time for me, which is fall/winter. I’m getting less interested as the humidity climbs. Anyone else take the summer off, so to speak?
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    Just received these

    Evens, 2-18 but missing the 6R and the 10H. Excellent shape though. Still shiny.
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    My latest bowl

    Walnut, bloodwood and yellowheart. Trying to scale down the scrap pile.
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I figure it’s a slick perhaps for boat building, but not sure. A buddy of mine gave it to me, was his father in-law’s. He had it on the wall as decoration.
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    New Forum Member in Charlotte

    Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself, I live off Rama Rd in Charlotte. Of course I've learned lots from the lurking I've done prior to registering, and appreciate what I've gleaned so far. I'm a segmented bowl turner mostly, but am also diving into hand tools and tool restoration (MWTCA...

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