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  1. cobraguy

    RDU Lunch this Friday - June 21

    Not this month. Hate it when work gets in the way.
  2. cobraguy

    Largest all wooden structure?

    SAC, TAC, and MAC..... Now there are a few terms I haven't seen in awhile! Spent some time in TAC and signed into Offutt (SAC HQ base) the day after SAC became no more in June 1992.
  3. cobraguy

    Largest all wooden structure?

    I had an opportunity to go inside the hangar is Elizabeth City a number of years ago. The building looks huge from the outside, but when you actually get into the hangar itself, you understand just how monstrous it really is. There were a couple pretty large airships inside and room for many...
  4. cobraguy

    Largest all wooden structure?

    It is still an impressive structure. I have occasion to go the ABQ for work and have been to the site, which is on Kirtland, AFB. One thing that caught my attention is that ALL of the fasteners are also wood. They wanted no metal to interfere with the tests. Unfortunately, it is fenced off...
  5. cobraguy

    Game table project

    That is amazing!! Now I have to put getting my dad's bandsaw from his shop at my mom's to the top of the list. OH! and that table is also an inspiration. Both of my girls (and their hubbys) are board game and puzzle people.
  6. cobraguy

    The one and only What are you Bringing list

    Having to beg off last minute. Some family issues have thrown a monkey wrench into things. Nothing serious and everyone is well, just a necessary change of plans. I'll make the trip to Hickory to pick up my new planner. :)
  7. cobraguy

    The one and only What are you Bringing list

    either a pasta salad or a cheesy-potato casserole thingy
  8. cobraguy

    Picnic Door Prizes

    At the top of every page is a banner saying "Buy your tickets now... Or Else". Click that banner to get to the spot to purchase. They will come in an email from "Ghost in the Machine", so be on the look out for that.
  9. cobraguy

    How would you hang this?

    I made a medicine cabinet very similar to the cupboard piece over 25 years ago. I just find a stud and screw through the back into the stud in two places. If you place the screws near the interior shelves, whatever is on the shelves helps hide them. Choosing an attractive screw also helps...
  10. cobraguy

    Plywood plank flooring for new shop?

    Bill - great question and something I am mulling over as I plan for a new dedicated shop. An option I am considering, and would value opinions on, is luxury vinyl planking. A kind of hybrid between the click wood flooring and sheet vinyl suggestions. It is also a floating click install, so...
  11. cobraguy

    Tutorial on organizing a shop

    I came across this when I checked out the outfeed table on the site. It's called 5S. Might help, or it might just be another reminder that your mind doesn't work that way. Either way is a win.
  12. cobraguy

    How to Inspire Girls to Become Carpenters and Electricians

    That sounds like a fantastic program! My daughter would have loved it. Ever since she was small she wanted to design and build houses. She started down the path for architectural engineering, but quit that and opted for an A.S. is architectural CAD so she could get to work earlier and signed...
  13. cobraguy

    2 Part Epoxy Storage

    I do golf club repair from time to time and had a very small business doing that a while back. Epoxys for that come in single use packs, much like a ketchup pack at a burger joint. Those are great for mobile repair away from the shop. They also offere larger squeeze bottles with good, tight...
  14. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    Thanks to all for your suggestions and comments. I really got a kick out of the brass plate idea, and yes, it is an option I am adding to my list. Given what's in the offing for the next few weeks, it will be a month or so before I can get to this. I have some research to do and decisions to...
  15. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    No OCD here. A good camouflage job will do the trick for me. Either the burn-in or crayons would be a new thing for me to try, so both are attractive if for nothing else a chance to try something new.
  16. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    I had forgotten about the steam trick to raise dents. Thanks for the reminder!
  17. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    Have never heard of the burn in sticks. I'll have to research that. Sounds interesting, and I'm always up for trying something new.
  18. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    Charlie - you hit the number one option on my original list.
  19. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    No, not a CEO office, just my study. They are on a prominent corner though and will be visible. Agree the crayons should be near the top of my list. I never thought about it, but you are correct. I can always go with the patch idea later no matter what.
  20. cobraguy

    Screw Hole Repair Suggestions

    I could probably find an area in the knee well to take a patch from. This solution is one on my original list, but I'm not confident in my veneer skills. Could be an opportunity for practice.

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