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    New Platform CNC For Sale

    I have a new, partially assembled Platform CNC with a complete hardware package and complete, professionally assembled electronics package from CNC Router Parts. I paid $5,309.18 for the Platform, the hardware package, and the electronics package - invoices are available upon request to verify...
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    Corian Cutoffs

    Does anyone have a source for inexpensive Corian cutoffs? I would like to try carving the material on my CNC machine. Thanks in advance, Rob
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    MDF Core Plywood

    Does anyone have a good source in north-central NC for 1/2" and 3/4" MDF core plywood? I heard it cuts well on the CNC and would like to give it a try. Thanks
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    Hammer K3 Sliding Table Saw

    Does anyone own a Hammer K3 sliding table saw? If you do, what do you think of it? Is it difficult to set up? Is it accurate and does it retain its accuracy?
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    INCRA Router Table Cabinet

    I bought an INCRA router top and stand last year when I got back into woodworking. I recently decided to built a cabinet for it using INCRA’s free plans located here: The project is moving along and should be done this weekend . ...
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    New CNC

    I just ordered the Legacy Maverick 3x5 CNC and should have it in a couple weeks. I purchased Aspire for my project designs and have been completing their online tutorials. The program is outstanding and I'm learning something new every day. I was thinking about offering CNC services to forum...
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    First CNC Machine

    I just ordered the Grunblau Platform CNC and now I wait! Does anyone have any experience with the Platform ( )? Also, is Aspire a good 2D/3D program (worth the price) or should I look at something else? Thanks, Rob
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    Portable Saw Mills Servicing Reidsville

    Are there any portable saw mills servicing the Reidsville area? Rob
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    New to NC

    Hi everyone. I moved to north-central NC on July 1. I spent the last 31 or so years in SoCal. I am in the process of setting up my garage shop and look forward to getting dusty again. It has been several years since I built anything and I am excited to get going. I can't believe how much things...

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