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    Another game board

    This is the first board I made- it was a little too big for the original project so I found another use for it. Thanks again to Donn for sanding it level for me. It is made of exotic Wihla wood. (Wihla = What I Had Lying Around) The top is maple and walnut and the box is sapele- I think. A...
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    Game table project

    When I was a kid we had this game table: Probably older than me and in pretty rough shape. Long story short two of my sisters wanted it but dad gave it to the youngest. I told my other sister I would make one for her and here is my interpretation... thanks Donn, Charlie, and Phil for the...
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    Raleigh area machine shop

    So I finally figured out why I cannot get my grizzly jointer dialed in - the fence is not flat. It is out .012 from top left to bottom right. I can buy a new fence from them for $82 plus freight but I was thinking maybe I could get the existing fence fixed by a machine shop locally. I tried True...
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    Finished bench

    Finished a small entryway/storage bench for my daughter QSWO and walnut. Couple of coats of waterlox and done.
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    The upside of being unemployed

    I have been able to spend lots of time in the shop. Still takes me a long time to complete a project but am having a good time. Soon to be a game table- Going to be an entryway bench Walnut bookcase/movie storage Painted bookcase - left room to have a unicorn painted on the faceframe...
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    Fixed my G0490x

    Was having a constant problem with the pulley wheel on the motor of my grizzly jointer working its way off the shaft- here's the old one: . I found a guy on sawmill creek who had the same problem and solved it by changing the sheaves - back to old school belt style. However the sheave on the...
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    Finished my billiard chair&table project

    Plus I wanted to see if my pics would load and it was easy. Thanks for the new site!
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    Second chair done

    Got the second billiard chair done. Made a change to how the seat fits in the legs. I cut into the legs to hide the room I left for movement. I like this better, but now I guess I have to make another one so my set matches! Not right now though, next project is a table to go between them...
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    Raleigh/Apex to Ayden and back

    Stuart at the NC furniture school in Ayden is going to trade some wood for my dovetail jig. While the jig going to Ayden is small, the lumber will be over 8' long so am sure a truck will be needed for the Ayden to Apex leg. Should be about 7 boards.. coffee, doughnuts, gas$ etc. happy to...
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    Photo in its natural habitat

    Finally got this one done and set it free. Now it needs a mate (about halfway thru the next one)
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    Delta drill press stop won't stop

    Using the drill press tonite and suddenly the depth stop won't stop. I hear something rolling around and from the diagram it looks like an Allen screw came loose inside. Should be an easy fix but I cannot figure out how to get the cap off/mechanism opened up. I took a pic of the part that needs...
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    We interrupt this chair.....

    My wife ( Miss Terry) is quite the artist and found this technique for painting tiles (alcohol inks) on Pinterest. Asked if I could whip up a floater frame from some of the scraps from my current chair project. Here it is with a coat of BLO on the frame. Sorry it's sideways. See you Saturday...
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    Starting to resemble a chair

    Finally have about 4 coats of waterlox original on it and dry fit it this evening. I sanded the first two coats 320grit but then read the instructions to not sand. It built up nicely after I stopped sanding.. am sure I will need another light coat or two after final assembly as I have already...
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    First attempted chair

    Wow, chairs are hard! (Yes, that's my commanding grasp of the obvious). I wanted a couple of spectator chairs for the pool table room and picked the easiest one I could find..... almost all straight lines! First time I have done thru mortises, first time I have done a seat. I tried the Mario...
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    Finished the wine rack

    Completed it today. Just rubbed in some BLO and I think I'm done. It it was a fun project that took way longer than I thought it would!
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    Design enhancement complete....

    Covered my layout problem with an inlay (when is it a patch instead of inlay?) and my wife tried out her woodburner for the first time. It ain't high art but is what I wanted. Is just going to sit in a closet anyway but wanted to try some new things.
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    Another "design change".....

    Got some blk walnut for a project but before I started my wife asked for a wine rack.. ok good to practice with some wood I have not worked with yet... i decided to use all mortise and tenons and it turns out there are 38 of them. BUT when I laid them out I messed up and accidentally laid...
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    Little princess headboard

    My wife decided our five year old granddaughter needed a headboard. Little one loves all the Disney princesses and the color pink. The first iteration was all white to which the little one said " where's the pink" ..... ok got it. sparkle paint was the perfect choice and the dodad is a...
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    Finally done with my bar project!

    working on this one for a couple of years. When we built the house five years ago we had this space - originally supposed to be a closet - plumbed and left the doors off with the idea that one day we would build a small bar. Finally got it done! Also attached (or tried to ) my first hand cut...
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    New from Apex

    Hi new member here from Apex. Am still in the "making lots of mistakes" stage of learning. Doors warp, tabletops tear themselves apart, reveals refuse to be even, etc etc..... have had decent results with some of the painted stuff, mostly poplar. Recently got interested in hand tools and am...

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