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  1. karlkoch

    Permanent home, new tools, & new classes for the North Carolina Furniture School!

    I'm excited and happy for you Stuart! Looking forward to being involved in the building of the new school...and the learning that will follow.
  2. spaltedmaplehollow.jpg


    Unexpected color in a maple that blew down in the wetland during Hurricane Florence. 8" dia. Finished with Waterlox and microcrystalline wax.
  3. spaltedmaplehollow2.jpg


    Unexpected color in a maple that blew down in the wetland during Hurricane Florence. 8" dia. Finished with Waterlox and microcrystalline wax.
  4. cherryricebowl2.jpg


    9"dia. Cherry "rice bowl" turned from tree that fell on a neighbor's house during Hurricane Florence. Rough turned green and let dry for a few weeks. Still got some warpage as it was a bit wet when finish turned. Finished with Waterlox satin.
  5. walnuthollowform.jpg


    Hollowform vessel made from 6x6 walnut beam found floating after Hurricane Florence. Two 12" sections planed and glued-up to make a blank. Substantial cracks filled with black epoxy. Finished with dark Danish oil and wax.
  6. karlkoch

    NCFS Turners March 2019 Meeting

    Well, I just made it to the new site and saw the posts...the day after our meeting. It was great to see everyone in the morning and in the evening at the "Ireland Trip" dinner. I'll bring wood to the next meeting.
  7. karlkoch

    NCFS Turners March 2019 Meeting

    Looking forward to it! What kind of wood should I bring for you?
  8. karlkoch

    Heavy duty rubber flooring in the shop?

    I can only echo what several others have already said. I used the stall mats from Tractor Supply and trimmed them to fit around my Robust lathe. It doesn't move. I immediately was able to work longer without feeling it as much in my lower back and legs. I have dropped a couple of things of the...
  9. karlkoch

    how do you store your chuck jaw sets?

    Stuart, I hang my Easy Wood jaws on nails using the "release hole". It requires a pretty steep angle but, once you establish that angle, they go on and off the nails just fine..
  10. karlkoch

    how do you store your chuck jaw sets?

    I also use finish nails in vertical columns. I tried keeping them in sets of four on longer nails and shower curtain loops but they are too awkward and bulky. Went back to each jaw having it's own nail with a label at the top of the column or the type of jaws that belong there, ie "EW2" or "O5"...
  11. karlkoch

    NCFS Turners September Meeting

    Please join us! The group varies from beginners to the experienced and from people who own lathes to folks who are thinking about taking a turning class for the first time. It's a supportive and easygoing bunch of folks in my opinion.
  12. karlkoch

    New Bern Lunch Bunch this Thursday

    I'll be there...
  13. karlkoch

    NCFS turners

    Y'all throw a heck of a party! And that melon was delicious...
  14. karlkoch

    bowl blanks?

    PM sent.
  15. karlkoch

    bowl blanks?

    I would be interested in turning dogwood or crepe myrtle. Just got my first lathe last month and have been turning as much as possible. I live in New Bern. Do you have any left? Thanks.
  16. karlkoch

    Lumber in New Bern

    I built my home in Pamlico County (although I have a New Bern address) so i mot likely dealt with a different set of inspectors etc. However, here is a link for obtaining a Craven County building permit. It includes the address and phone number of the Craven County Inspection Department...I hope...
  17. karlkoch

    Lumber in New Bern

    I built a house in New Bern 3 years ago and used Garris Evans for my main lumber supplier. I found their pricing and service better than Guy C. Lee which is located on the other end of town. I also bought some nails for my framing crew's air guns at Builder's Discount when Garris Evans ran out...
  18. karlkoch

    New member from New Bern

    Welcome Danny! Looking forward to seeing your workshop develop and, of course, your projects.
  19. karlkoch

    shop doors

    They looked even better in person yesterday. Thanks for hosting the woodturning club, Stuart!
  20. karlkoch

    NCFS Turners June Meeting

    See you there!

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