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  1. McRabbet

    Final episode in building a Dory

    There are some serious hours ahead with this series of videos -- just watched the first one and I'm hooked! BTW, to help understand my keen interest and early inspiration, I lived in RI for ten years and while there took a small boat building class from the great John Gardner at Mystic Seaport...
  2. McRabbet

    Odd Size Dust Collector Intake

    I would modify a metal 8" x 6" reducer to fit the 7-1/2" port -- use tape to make it leakproof.
  3. McRabbet


    Over the past 3 years, I bought enough to contribute more than $100 to NCWW through the smile program (that means I spent over $20K).
  4. McRabbet

    I Won!

    Excellent accomplishment and very nice work as well! Kudos, Bruce!
  5. McRabbet

    2019 Raffle Results and Data

    Thanks Jeremy for conducting another successful raffle. A great fund-raiser and everyone goes away a winner! I was pleased to have one of my entries drawn to win a gift certificate from my favorite toyl store!
  6. McRabbet

    Just received these

    I bought a good set of John Moseley & Sons 2-18 H & R's a few years ago from Jim Bode Tools at a good price. He sends out a daily email and you need to act fast on any of the better items, though he tends to be pricey.
  7. McRabbet

    Game table project

    Great work -- better than the original!
  8. McRabbet

    Installed Dust Control

    Donn, Good layout for much of your ductwork with one significant exception. Your drop from the ceiling and flexible duct connection to the cyclone inlet is costing you significant performance due to numerous bends and the high static pressure (SP) loss due to the flexible exhaust hose. You...
  9. McRabbet


    Bruce, I am still wanting to get one of the 3/4" 4' x 5' sheets if you can hold it for me -- I cannot make it to the picnic this year due to a prior commitment -- I have been very busy over the past few weeks dealing with the death of my sister (sudden) and I'm Executor of her estate. If need...
  10. McRabbet

    Table saw blade stabilizers

    I have used a Forrest stabilizer with my Forrest WWII blade on my 3HP Grizzly cabinet saw for years. Blade has no vibration and cuts true. I have used the stabilizer with other blades as well with the same positive result. I like the WWII blade for most work, but switch to a ripping blade...
  11. McRabbet

    Day 50 of the Raffle

    I agree that there are no excuses for not getting some raffle tickets - I've gotten $100 worth in two batches and may get some more before it is over... Since I used to run these raffles for several years (I did 7 over 4 years), I know the benefits to the organization and to the individuals that...
  12. McRabbet

    Latest Turning

    Again, Charlie, your work is just awe inspiring! A work of art, indeed.
  13. McRabbet

    RDU CL - Clear Vue CV06mini shop vac dust cyclone kit - $30 (Carrboro)

    They work very well! I have one attached to my Miter saw.
  14. McRabbet

    CAD Software of Choice

    I just looked at the You Tube beginners Fusion 360 videos by Lars Christensen that Steve (zapdafish) recommended in his post and all I can say is Wow! a really powerful tool. I will look into getting more information and if I decide to get into a CNC machine, it looks like the software to model...
  15. McRabbet


    Bruce, I have been at my daughter's home in eastern NC all week and won't be seeing you at Klingspor's on Saturday since I won't leave here until Sunday. If at all possible, I'd like to come by to see you on Sunday afternoon in Newton to pick up the piece of 3/4" phenolic we've discussed. 24"...
  16. McRabbet

    Oneida Dust Collector

    Although you have slightly limited ceiling height, with a shorter collection barrel you can get a much better system for under $2,100 plus tax and still have about $600 for ductwork. My recommendation is a ClearVue Cyclone CV1800 with excellent filters, found here.
  17. McRabbet

    Planer: how to clean buildup?

    My "go-to" planer is a DeWalt DW733. Like TENdriver said above, they have blades that can be resharpened and hold up very well because they are thicker than the newer model planers. I have two knife sets and have resharpened them at least twice each. I always keep a sharp set on hand so if I...
  18. McRabbet

    Planer: how to clean buildup?

    I'd put some sheet plastic across the bed to catch the gunk and attack the resin with mineral spirits and a stiff brush. Should do the job. Check the blades for nicks and replace if needed (you can get them at Lowe's or online).
  19. McRabbet

    Basement Workshop setup.....need input !!

    Brent, As I suggested when I visited you a week or so ago, I would build the stud walls out slightly from the block walls after coating them with DryLok and arrange the room-side studs so any wall covering like OSB or drywall would not be kept from flat for the main vertical pipe sections. At...
  20. McRabbet

    Finally found me a planer!

    sweet! That baby will hold some floor boards down for sure! (I know you have a concrete floor!)

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