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  1. mshel

    Jet Air Cleaner

    Jet AFS 1000B air cleaner. Im downsizing and no longer have a need for this unit. Its in great shape, has remote control. $275.00 You can email me at if you want more info. I have pics if you want or you can just google for a stock photo,
  2. mshel

    Mini Max 16 bandsaw

    My thrust bearing is on its last leg and I am looking for an alternative. I priced one from MMax and they want$60 + shipping for a replacement and Im testing the waters to see if there is something else out there at a lower cost. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. mshel

    Barn Door ??????

    Need to construct a barn door for an out building and wondered if any of the members have made one and be willing to share pictures and info. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  4. mshel

    Mahogany Plywood

    Been out of touch for a while but I am in need of a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" mahogany plywood. Anyone know of a source in the immediate area? Getting ready to make a couple of vanities out of mahogany and need the plywood for some panels and such. Please PM me if you know of or possibly have some...
  5. mshel

    Since when

    Do we have to post a minimum amount of words? Tried to reply to someone who responded to a post of mine and I kept getting a message saying I hadn't posted enough words. Say it ain't so. mike
  6. mshel

    WTB. 4x4 red oak

    Looking for one 4x4 red oak post 8' long. Must be dry. If you have such a beast and want to sell, please send me a PM. mike
  7. mshel

    SketchUp Help

    I think this might have gotten lost in the abyss so I am reposting it. For anyone interested in learning SketchUp, this will help. I used this site to learn sketch up. It really helped me get the basics and some advanced skills. Unfortunately, I haven't kept at it. Will probably go back...
  8. mshel

    Fein multimaster blades

    Having just gotten a Fein multi master, I wonder what those of you who have the tool have done in regards to acquiring additional blades. 1. buy Fein blades 2. buy harbor freight blades 3. other I won't be amassing a large collection but still want to know which is the best value for the buck...
  9. mshel

    Editing a classified listing

    Posted a classified listing and uploaded some photos but they didn't get put into the listing. How do I get into the listing so I can put additional photos in the listing?
  10. mshel

    WTB Miller Falls Langdon Miter box

    As the title states, anyone who has one and would like to sell, please contact me via PM. Thanks, Mike
  11. mshel

    Guest chat

    Is there a repository for the guest chat monologues?
  12. mshel

    1/2" baltic birch ply

    Any good sources in the Raleigh area where one could purchase a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" baltic birch ply? Not interested in shorts as sold by woodcraft. Need to make 12 drawer boxes for a project. Thanks, Mike
  13. mshel

    Performax 16-32 sandpaper rolls

    A friend of mine recently purchased a 22-44 sander and he got a couple boxes of sanding rolls with it. Only problem is they are for the 16-32. He has 4 rolls of 120 and 4 rolls of 220. If you are interested, you can contact him directly. I don't think he is asking much for them so this...
  14. mshel

    New format questions

    What is the significance of the red or blue envelopes shown in the threads? Is there a place to go see what all the new icons are? Mike
  15. mshel

    Performax / Jet 22-44

    A friend of mine is looking for a used 22-44 sander. If anyone has or knows of one for sale, please send me a pm. thanks, Mike
  16. mshel

    Hand forged holdfasts

    I became aware today of a local blacksmith who is making and selling hand forged holdfasts and other related items. The purpose of this post is strictly informational and I'm not hawking his wares. If you want to see his work and such, you can follow this link.
  17. mshel

    Salt box -

    I want to make one of these and wondered which way to approach it, scroll saw or bandsaw. If I bandsaw it, I don't think I can make two entrance cuts without screwing up the shape. If I scroll saw it, I don't know how tall I can make it : blade clearance. So, which way would you do it and...
  18. mshel

    Popular Woodworking Digital Edition

    Has anyone who is a current subscriber to PPW been able to access the digital edition of the magazine? I followed the instructions on their website but no joy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  19. mshel

    A couple of new saws for the till

    I contracted a new upstart saw builder to make me a couple of new saws since I wasn't in love with my current dovetail saw. I figured I would get in on the ground floor before his success starts to demand more money. First is a dovetail saw which sports a cocobolo handle, solid brass slotted...
  20. mshel

    Posting problems

    Tried to make a post with a couple pics and got a msg that I had used 2279302 characters and should reduce to 2000. I am sure I didn't use over 2 million characters in this post. Any ideas as to what is going on? Mike

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