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  1. EricS

    First Spoon carving

    I had a apple tree blow over this fall and finally got around to carving my First Spoon. I used my Cub Scout knife (I’m 49) and a small gouge for the hollow part. I probably will by a crook knife to finish it out. Not perfect but I like it. Thanks for looking, Eric
  2. EricS

    WTB Spoon Carving knives

    Hey folks, may be a long shot but I’m looking for a decent crook knife and sloyd knife for carving spoons. I am just checking to see if anyone may have a set lying around that they may want to get rid of. Please shoot me a PM if you have something. Thanks, Eric
  3. EricS

    Need to reset my password

    Lucky for me google has remembered my password but I have not. I am trying to reset my password but I need to know my old password. Can you reset it for me? Thanks, EricS
  4. EricS

    Looking for Sapele

    I'm finally getting around too replacing the mahogany in my Boston Whaler. I figured I could stand to go a little cheaper than "real" mahogany. I need at least 30-40 Bft 5/4. If you got any shoot me a PM with price and location within an hour of Hickory.
  5. EricS

    superior alder approx 100 bdft

    clear surfaced 2 sides 15/16" thick random widths 4"-6" width 10'long $1.75/bdft
  6. EricS

    visit to Roycroft Campus

    I just got back from a trip to western NY and stopped by East Aurora, NY to check out the Roy croft campus and museum. the campus is in a bit of disarray( under construction ) and not all the buildings on the campus are owned by the roycroft preservation.The museum is actually a house that was...
  7. EricS

    PE request Youngsville to Hickory

    Looking to get a stack of mags from Sawduster in Youngsville to exit 138 on 40 (just east of Hickory) Thanks
  8. EricS

    Looking for old Fine Woodworking mags

    I'm looking for past issues of Fine Woodworking. I can buy them from you or borrow and free is always good:gar-Bi I will pay for any shipping if needed.JUst lookin for Ideas and reading material with tips and techniques. Any help is appreciated
  9. EricS

    Superior Alder for sale

    I have 100 BF of 15/16 surfaced 2 sides Superior Alder. This alder has great red color it looks like cherry! I'm asking $2.00/BF we can work out a delivery or meeeting place if needed. Thanks Eric
  10. EricS

    More free melamine

    We have more sheets of melamine PB core 3/4 5x8 and 4x8 mostly cover sheets with scatches and some forklift damage will make excellent shop cabinets. We also have hardrock maple melamine upper cabinets cut out and line bored w/ 1 adj shelf they just need to be assembled 24" x 30" $15.00 each...
  11. EricS

    Looking for cedar

    I'm looking for FAS cedar to make some railings for a deck I need 80 lineal feet of 2x6 in the Hickory Charlotte area Thanks Eric
  12. EricS

    got some logs cut

    I finally had the time to cut some logs to be sawn for my shop floor. I ended up felling an old pine on my property.It was about 65 years old with a 25" diameter at the butt.I also cut a few cherries and an old birch that is not native but has been growing for quite awhile. I was going to cut a...
  13. EricS

    PE request from Hillsborough to The Sawmill

    I have a saw guard that needs to get from Froglips in Hillsborough to the Sawmill in Ironstation on the 20th.If any one is heading to the Sawmill from the East I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  14. EricS

    '59 Unisaw finally complete

    Well I finally finished restoring my Unisaw to its original glory:gar-Bi. I really enjoyed this project. I an 1 step closer to getting my shop up and running.I have a couple of other tools I plan to rebuild but they will have to wait untill the shop floor is in. Here's a pic. View image in gallery
  15. EricS

    Green sweetgum for shop floor

    I'm cutting down about 10 fair size sweetgum trees in my yard. a friend has his woodmizer at my house and plan on sawing some large pines so I figured instead of using the clear pine for the floor of my shop I could use the sweetgum instead. My question is can I use the sweetgum if I T&G it and...
  16. EricS

    Unisaw rebuild progress

    After the MWTCA meeting in Hillsborough I picked up a '59 Unisaw from Jim C.(Bob,thanks for the help loading:eusa_clap). I've been working on it periodically. Here is a before pic View image in gallery and here are a few in progress pics View image in gallery View image in gallery I...
  17. EricS

    I might as well gloat too

    I was talking to a guy that works for me the other day and was telling him I wanted to build a woodworking bench and he mentioned he had a vise that was his dads and had been carring it al over the USA for the past 25 years and wanted to get ride of it. So he brought it in and asked me what I...
  18. EricS

    First Turning

    I finally chucked up a piece of cedar(it is the only piece of wood I have that isn't 4/4)and turned on my "new" old lathe for the first time.They should call it doing crack instead of turning!Now I know why everyone calls it the slippery slope. Is there a 1-800 number in case this starts to...
  19. EricS

    "New" to me '63 Delta Lathe

    Just a picture of a '63 46-111 Delta lathe.I picked up last week. I'm not much of a turner but I love old Delta Woodworking Machines so I couldn't pass it up. Great condition and fits in well with my other machines. I hopefully will be able to fit some turnings into my projects. A little elbow...
  20. EricS


    Hello fellow makers of the dust, My name is Eric Smith. I live in Catawba, NC wife 2kids and one on the way, I have been around wood my whole life in one way or another.Trim carpenter, framer, and presently (the past 12 years) shop foreman at a cabinet shop in Cornelius.Im finally getting around...

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