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    DIY countertop

    The wood is off the hook!
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    Design help

    I have done something similar before in making a table top. The most difficult part is actually the glue up keeping everything in line. I will be interested in how you complete that portion. My pieces were 3/4 by 3/4 and there were about 700 of them in the top. Having all the angles will...
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    Citric acid test

    That is worth remembering! Thanks for showing us.
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    Lake Table part 2

    that is very nice! An aggressive project for sure!
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    Hall Table

    Really nice. Great design and execution
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    I'm beginning to wish I had a track saw..

    I know everyone has an opinion, and probably everyone is right for their specific situation. I have a Festool T55 that I got several years ago. When I break down plywood, I slide it right out of the bed of my truck onto some saw horses and use the track saw. This allows me to get the...
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    Klingspors Virtual Extravaganza 2020

    Wow. Pretty incredible build.
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    Cherry chest

    Very nice work. I'm impressed with the curved top as well.
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    Breadboard ends

    I have used the domino approach. I glued the main table side of the domino in place first then drilled my peg holes to create a drawbored mortise joint; glued the breadboard side in the middle only; and drove the pegs in place. It works quite well. I used much longer dominos than the...
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    Help finding a interior passage door raised panel bit Other profiles are available, but this looks like what you describe. I usually buy from Holbren, but many companies sell them.
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    Check out the latest Member Spotlight - Danmart77

    A great read, and a truly unique individual. We are most fortunate to have access to his knowledge.
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    Aged Oak "basket bowl"

    That is a very interesting use of the multiple techniques.
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    Wine cabinet commission

    Great info. What is the name of the panel gluing clamps you are using?
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    Pizza Peel

    Looks good!
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    Black Walnut & Curly Maple Hall Table

    Great job on that table!
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    End grain chamfer tear out

    Also make sure you cut the end grain first. That way some tear out is hidden when the long grain is chamferred. Backer boards are the biggest help though as it supports the grain that is prone to tear out.
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    Summer Projects

    Great work!
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    I've found that you have to follow the Watco instructions very carefully or you end up with a mess. Done right, it is not too hard and produces a nice satan finish. BUT don't forget that wipe off step and don't let it sit too long.
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    Simple Shaker End Tables

    This week's project was a pair of pine, Shaker style end tables. They were as simple as one can get. Even the finish was natural color wipe on poly. Getting ready to cut mortises in the aprons. Cutting the table top lip. Cleaning up excess glue and sanding The final edge under the top. And...

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