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  1. rywilson

    Rikon mini lathe for sale

    Lowering to $100.
  2. rywilson

    Looking for bowl blanks

    I would like green wood. I tried to find a tree guy but did not have much luck
  3. rywilson

    Looking for bowl blanks

    I've recently got back into woodworking and have upgraded to a full size lathe. I'm in need of some large bowl blanks. Does the community have any good sources?
  4. rywilson

    Rikon mini lathe for sale

    Rikon 70-050VS mini lathe. Asking $125
  5. rywilson

    Charing station 2019-04-16

  6. rywilson

    Flattening bench top

    Check out this video:
  7. rywilson

    Free lighting plus more Updated 2/12

    Re: Free lighting I could use 6 of them.
  8. rywilson

    Looking for someone interested in building games tables.

    The back story: Several months ago a co-worker asked if I could help him build a gaming table. We designed and built the table to meet his needs. He posted the pictures on a gaming forum and someone had suggested a Kick Starter project, so we did...
  9. rywilson

    Starting my Journey down that slippery Green slope

    If you break down a lot of sheet goods you should also consider getting the parallel guides.
  10. rywilson

    Need some help

    Phil thank you for the reply and your generosity. I was able to get a truck.
  11. rywilson

    Need some help

    I need to get some plywood from Wurth group. I do not have a truck and I may not be able to get access to the truck I normally borrow. Is anyone willing to help me out? I will of course pay for you for your troubles. Thanks
  12. rywilson

    saw sharpening files

    Leevalley also sells some:,43072,43089
  13. rywilson

    Interesting article about Sawstop
  14. rywilson

    Wood For Sale

    Mike I assume the add you're referring to is from saw4you who is a member on this forum.
  15. rywilson

    Sketch up help please.

    Tom PM sent.
  16. rywilson

    Target USL

    Re: Target USL (updated) I ended up ordering some of the Target USL tinted black. This is my first experience spraying and I was very impressed with this product. Of course I have nothing to compare it with but it was very easy to use and the results were great. Here is the table sprayed...
  17. table


    Table finished with Target USL tinted black
  18. rywilson

    Jig(s) workshop

    Would it be possible to take pics and document this as a tutorial? I'm sure there are lots of people who are unable to make the class but would be interested in the information.
  19. rywilson

    Robert Gunther???

    Could this be the guy?
  20. rywilson

    Target USL

    I'm finishing some nightstands and the wife wants them Pottery Barn black. I did a bunch of test boards with India ink and it came out OK. However I would like to try some USL tinted black. Before I order some I would like to try it out since I have never used it before. Does anyone have...

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