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  1. Cuprousworks

    Table Saw Dial Indicator Jig (Edited)

    Isn't it the opposite? I think you want the playing card on the rear teeth. Won't a smaller gap at the back pinch and potentially create kickback?
  2. Cuprousworks

    Woodworking Axioms

    Always remember that the bandsaw bears a scary resemblance to a butcher's saw.
  3. Cuprousworks

    Knowing when to Toss

    Guilty! Just this morning I bent a cheap pin punch. Rather than throw it away I wasted 10 minutes grinding it down to use as a repousse tool that I'll probably never use... Mike
  4. Cuprousworks

    For Sale DW364 7 1/4" HD circular saw

    I had a B&D Sawcat. It would have lasted my lifetime except it walked away from the jobsite. Even after I left housebuilding I replaced it with the Dewalt because I loved that saw type.
  5. Cuprousworks

    For Sale DW364 7 1/4" HD circular saw

    Selling off some older tools I'm just not using - DW364 circular saw kit. Probably 30 years old, but only light homeowner use over that time. Some of us may be old enought to remember the B&D Industrial Sawcat - this is that saw rebadged as Dewalt. $145.00 This is a old-school war horse: 15...
  6. Cuprousworks

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    Agree with generics. I bought two 4000mAH for $37 shipped. Experience so far is they are strong enough and hold the charge well. I'm not making my living with or even working with the tools every day, so they fit my needs. I'm happy to get a couple more years out of my tools investment. Mike
  7. Cuprousworks

    DeWalt DW733 planer - $250 Chapel Hill

    Sorry, this planer found a new home.
  8. Cuprousworks

    Sliding leg vise with X cross

    Do you think a small bock of delrin or hdpe would work? If they were allowed to pivot slightly wouldn't it provide a low friction, especially against the inset metal plate?
  9. Cuprousworks

    DeWalt DW733 planer - $250 Chapel Hill

    DeWalt DW733 Benchtop Planer For Sale $250, in Chapel Hill Very good condition All documentation (complete parts list, instruction manual), extension tables, 2 sets of blades and and dust chute included. Specs: 120 vac, 15 amp Cutter head speed=10,000 RPM Work feed rate=26 FPM Planing...
  10. Cuprousworks

    Long Term Update On College

    Congrats! Great accomplishment, and you leave me jealous. I appreciate that the program puts focus on the business side. Having spent a long time around crafts people and their markets I've come to the conclusion that it's not a marathon, it's a triathalon. Technique, design and business are...
  11. Cuprousworks

    New shop-suggestions for wall material

    I used drywall because it finished well and looks bright when painted white. I hung two french cleats and haven't had any trouble hanging items. Plenty of flexibility without holes after something is moved. Mike
  12. Cuprousworks

    MHG Bench/Firmer 6 Chisel Set

    Thanks for the interest, these seem to have found a new home.
  13. Cuprousworks

    MHG Bench/Firmer 6 Chisel Set

    Unused in box, still have factory grind. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1" Marked, "Chrom- Vanadium, Made in Germany". Steel ferrules and bolsters, hornbeam handles. In hardwood case. These are probably equvalent to Narex brand. Purchased from Hartsville Hardware, this may have been their store...
  14. Cuprousworks

    Slick deals/ Lowe’s possible $89 Hitachi Router

    Lowe's Chapel Hill indicated 4 in stock yesterday, none today. That was a pretty good price.
  15. Cuprousworks

    Granite lab table - $125 (castle hayne)

    I don't know why, but I want it...
  16. Cuprousworks

    Joiner or Domino

    I started on the cheap with a DW planner and 'jointability' work fixture that allowed me to joint edges on boards up to 8' with a router. With the right sled I was able to thickness plane flat and square edge, then make parallel on my tablesaw. Inexpensive and with flexible tools that worked...
  17. Cuprousworks

    Need input on closet design

    It's been a while since I built closets, but for plywood I found water based poly was the best finish, as long as you lightly sand and recoat shelves to get them smooth. Still not as smooth as melamine, but some prefer wood. Poly dries hard and doesn't have a residual odor. If you're going to...
  18. Cuprousworks

    Lock Miter Bit opinions, good/bad?

    Agree, much better in theory than practice. Too much time and frustration, even with the set-up jig. Mike
  19. Cuprousworks

    Free Magazines

    Magazines have a new home! Thanks
  20. Cuprousworks

    Free Magazines

    Yes, they are. I'm in Meadowmont, I'll PM the address. Mike

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